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Dear Valued Supplier:

In an effort to clarify our stance on this critical issue with our Suppliers, Laird Technologies has issued a General Specification for the Environment (LT-GES-001) as the primary guidance for restricted substance identification and control within our products. In order to conduct business with Laird Technologies, you must be able to meet all requirements contained within LT-GES-001 and/or any other specific restricted substance specifications that are supplied to you on purchase orders, drawings or purchased part specifications

You are receiving this communication because of one of the following reasons:

You are a Supplier to Laird Technologies which has previously been requested to respond to our documentation requests regarding RoHS and restricted substance requirements but have failed to do so.

You are a Supplier to Laird Technologies which has already submitted RoHS and restricted substance documentation from a previous request but we now require completion and submittal of additional forms and information.

Whichever reason above applies to your company, please understand that restricted substance compliance is essential to meet and maintain end customer specifications and it must be integrated into your daily business practices as a Laird Technologies Supplier. You should be prepared to supply and retain records with regard to the restricted substances that are contained or are absent within your product(s) that demonstrate your compliance to Laird technologies requirements through clear, accurate and appropriate reporting methods (e.g., analytical testing results performed by your company or a qualified testing lab).

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    你們因為 1. 沒有回覆他們的要求來提供歐盟環保規範所要的文件 或者 2. 回覆了, 但是他們要求補充資料 所以寄這封信給你

    你們必須準備來提供並保留有關你們產品裡面所包含或缺少的管制物質的記錄, 並且以清楚, 精確和適當的報告方法(例如 由貴公司或合格的測試實驗室所執行的分析測試結果)來顯示你們符合Laird公司的要求


    他們曾頒布了一個準則General Specification for the Environment (LT-GES-001)你們得好好看看照著辦

    RoHS法規施行後 大家有得忙囉

    Source(s): 您就參考看看唄
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