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兩句英文翻譯 20點 拜託 急...

1.多麼美好的夢 卻又是多麼淒涼的美好 淒涼到我必須仰制不讓自己去讚頌那美好 出處-楊照<大愛>

2.有人說 有些勝利者 願意敵手如虎 如鷹 他才感受得到勝利的歡喜 假使如羊 如小雞 他便反覺得勝利的無聊 出處-魯迅 <阿Q正傳>

拜託了 97年 東吳大學 碩士班英文考題 請幫忙概約翻譯一下

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    1..多麼美好的夢 卻又是多麼淒涼的美好 淒涼到我必須仰制不讓自己去讚頌那美好 出處-楊照<大愛>

    1. What a beautiful dream but how bleak bleak to me to be a better system Yang go not to sing the praises of those wonderful provenance - Yang Chao <Love>

    2.有人說 有些勝利者 願意敵手如虎 如鷹 他才感受得到勝利的歡喜 假使如羊 如小雞 他便反覺得勝利的無聊 出處-魯迅 <阿Q正傳>

    2. Someone said that some winners are willing to adversaries such as the tiger before him such as eagles win felt joy such as sheep, if such as chicks think he would win the silly anti-provenance - Lu Xun <The True Story of Ah Q>

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    1. the how happy dream actually is also how miserable happy must quench miserably to me does not let itself extol that happy source - Yang to illuminate

    2. some people said that some victors want the rival like tiger like hawk he only then to be able to feel the victory to like, if like the sheep like chicken he then instead thinks the victory bored source - Lu Xun

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