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Can someone check my spanish??!?

ok- here it is

Ecuador had 3 flags.

Ecuador tenio tres banderas.

In 1830 Ecuador seperated from Greater Columbia and kept the old flag. In the Marxista Revolution in 1845, Ecuador had a blue and white flag. Now the Ecuador flag is yellow, blue and red.

En 1830 Ecuador separio de Greater Columbia y la bandera vieja. En la revolucion Marxista en 1845, Ecuador tiene un bandera azul y blanca. Ahora la Bandera del ecuador esta amerillo, azul y rojo.

* I know some of the conjucation is wrong but i dont know how to correct it.



Jane S: I'm not trying to make up my own conjugations. I don't know the conjugation for the past tense of tener- thats why i posted it on here. So, someone could check it and TEACH me the right correction, and i did try to use a conjugating website but i wasn't sure if it was right.

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    Ecuador tenia tres banderas

    En 1830 Ecuador se separo de Greater Colombia y se quedaron con la bandera vieja. En la revolución Marxista en 1845, Ecuador tenia una bandera de azul y blanca. Ahora la bandera de Ecuador es amarillo, azul y rojo.

    ***you did a good job, just a little mistakes here and there, but i fixed them for you, i will let you determine what i fixed :D***

    Source(s): Native spanish and english Mexican Dialect
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