Military Discounts for Vacations?

My fiancee and I are trying to plan a vacation to Disneyland this summer. I was hoping someone could give me some advice on where I could find some info about military discounts for Disneyland, and airfare. We would also like to stay on a military base instead of a hotel to save money so if anyone has advice on that I would appreciate it!

Advice from personal experience would be great! Thanks :)

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    The closest base to Disneyland is quite far away and will cost more in gas and time than finding a hotel close by. He can go to the MWR/ITT office on base and find out if they offer hotel discounts, the one in San Diego Naval Base does and it is a decent rate as long as they do have those rooms available for you. Many are right across the street.

    The Current promotion for free tickets for AD member and discounted tickets for family/friends will end the end of June so you will not be able ot use that unless you go before the end of hte month. Otherwise he can purchase discounted tickets at the ITT office on base.

    Airfare is possible check with Southwest Airlines and other companies depending on where you are coming from. They have specials that are often better than what you can get through the military.

    Now if you are going to DisneyWorld then that is different with accommodation and tickets. Shades of Green is the military hotel right by DW and if he can get a room there then it is discounted. If no rooms are available then they can refer you to a Disney hotel close by. The deal for the military lasts there until the end of December. That deal is AD/Reservist/Retiree is free and for $99 he can get 5 day park hopper pass.

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    At the Info,Tickets, and Tourism office or MWR office on base he can find out about getting a discount - Military gets in free at Disney, I think it's a multiple day pass to all the parks.

    You're better off buying a discounted flight on orbitz, travelocity, etc., Plus, if you arent his spouse you cant use his military discount (some places dont even give spouses a discount on anything anyway)

    You have to find a base to stay on to be able to stay in their hotels, you can find that info out by finding the base and locating the hotel, then calling it... You wont get a military discount to disney.

    (i assume he is the one in the military and not you)

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    You might want to check with Disney about veterans. They could have a program where you get a day free if your a veteran.

    Also they are offering something where your child gets in free for their birthday.

    I would not depend on any type of military housing. The best bet to save on housing is to find a program where they put you up for so many days if you look at a condo.

    You could get 2 or 3 days free if you are willing to look at something they want to sell.

    Another option is I have used it before and had some luck. You can bid the price you want to pay and you might get it or not depending if they accept.

    They have regular prices but bidding can get you the best price.

    There are several ways to find very cheap housing for a few days to a week. Its the prices of Disney that can get very pricey.

    I just loved Sea World and the price is better if you stay long enough to see both.

    There are so many deals and you can order and plan it all on line before you go.

    As for the military discounts.. many times the other deals are better.

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    I use to live down there. Disneyland will not give you a discount at the window. They will tell you to buy your tickets on base.

    As for air-fair, I find it's cheaper to go with a "student" discount... as for staying on a base... not sure

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    your fiance needs to visit his MWR office. there isn't a military base with a lodge thats within reasonable driving distance, also the lodges are reserved for family transfers and business not pleasure especially during the summer time when its peak transfer season. Theres quite a few hotels, motels and other inns in anaheim that offer special military rates that you can get a voucher for at the MWR office. See if he can get a copy of san diego wavewinds which is a magazine for military families, its has info in it.

    Source(s): south cal military spouse/resident disneyland frequenter
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    Normally that information can be found at the Welfare and Rec centers on every base. Sometimes Disneyland even has special deals for Military personnel and their families. Again see the Welfare and Rec Centers. They would have the best answers for you.

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