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Why did william the conqueror build castles?

Why did william the conqueror build castles after the battle of hastings

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    To defend itself from attacks of the Saxons.

    by historian

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    The conquered Saxons and Celts were a warlike (and resentful!) people, having been conquered.

    William gave huge estates to his loyal Lords and they had to build castles as strongholds, to defend their new holdings. These would be built on a hill or "motte" and surrounded by a moat filled with water. There would also be a mighty Portcullis and a drawbridge which could be raised. In fact they were pretty impregnable against any enemy of the time.

    They were also a status symbol , meant to impress the local populace as no building of such size and scale had been constructed in England before this time.

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    Pevensey Castle was his first when landing on the shores of Britain. The castle was built using plain rocks and rubble, they dug a dry ditch around the castle though to protect it from being invaded because Williams invasion did not have time to reenforce the castle.

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    Not to defend but to dominate. The Norman castles were built to create a series of strongpoints to concentrate military might to overcome any Anglo Saxon uprisings (of which there were many).

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    To keep people out and make sure everything was fortified. For protection and respect. He didn't want to look weak; it was a persona of strength.

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