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Does having a cartilage piercing make your ear get dried?

I have my cartilage piercing for a while now and today i decided to take it out to clean it..;. it is the first time i taken it out and it seems like my ear has really gotten dried out and for some reason it looks like it has died.... i cleaned it and left it out for a while and nothing changed.. its like a browny flaky skin at times

please help

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    I have my cartilage double pierced and its never looked flakey.Are you using alcohol,if you are don`t use it anymore thats why it is dry,peroxide will do the same thing.I think you need to put an antibiotic on the earring when you put it back in,it will moisterize the area.And if you feel you need to use anything to heal the piercing,salt water is best.Good Luck!

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