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Why live in a cold city?

just curious why people choose to live in really cold cities when they could just move to a warmer city? is there something about the cold weather you like?

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    Some people enjoy the cold. Some dislike heat. Others may choose where they live based on factors other than weather.

    As for me, I've lived in Chicago and Houston. I much prefer Chicago. Sure winters may be tough, but summers are much gentler. I also prefer having four seasons. Houston has 9 months of summer, then 3 months of a non-season. After one year it becomes redundant and boring.

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    I live in a warm place now, but I used to live in a cold city. I really liked walking into a pub with an open fireplace and a nice atmosphere when it was freezing outside. I also like rugging up in scarves, gloves and beanies and then taking them all off when you get inside. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I have spent most of my life in really warm places (Australia), so now I appreciate the seasons more.

    I'm sure if I lived somewhere that was always cold, I would get sick of it after a while.

  • Sal
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    I like the change of seasons. I like snow. I like when it is cold outside. I find summers to be too hot and I prefer my summers mild.

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    Many people enjoy cold weather activities suck as snowboarding, skiing, hockey, ice fishing etc.

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