How did u pick Pediatrician?

my Medicaid told me to pick a pediatrician for my baby before she's born, i heard u can have the pediatrician come to the hospital to check on the baby during/after labor. is that true?

also, how did u pick ur pediatrician? my friend gave me a name of a pediatrician she said was really good, but do i schedule an appointment w/ her? or how do i become her patient (make my daughter her patient, although she's not born yet) did u ever actually meet the pediatrician before the labor? do i set up an interview? will the medicaid pay for the interview...or wut am i supposed to do, cuz i'd really like to meet her beforehand, i don't want some stranger come to labor to examine my baby.

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    when I was pregnant with my first I asked a total stranger who had a young child

    you then schedule an appt with the dr before the birth to meet the dr... it is free.....if you explain you are expecting and looking for a ped.

    ask questions like



    which hospitals do they work with

    [you can find sample questions on-line or in the book "what to expect when expecting"]

    if you like the dr,[and for you, if they accept medicaid] and they work with the hospital you deliver at......when your baby is born at the hospital on the forms you filled out at admission you put the name of the dr you would like for them to call and have check out your baby...

    the ped usually comes within 24hrs....depending on when you delivered

    the ped doctor doesn't come in during labor the only drs other than your ob areusually that is the hopsital NICU drs who will be helping the baby if the bby is in distress/preterm or high risk.... not the pediatrician... that comes after birth

    you can set up appt with as many ped. drs as you want before the birth, and then decide who you like...

    or if medicaid llows if you find you don't like the ped. after the birth during the routine checkups you can always look for a new pediatrician

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    We got a list of pediatricians who are part of our insurance, met with a few different ones and asked questions about their philosophy of practice, what they recommended for vaccinations, how supportive of breastfeeding they were, and things like that-the things that were important to us. We also wanted to make sure that we got along with them, and then we chose the one we felt the best about. Some doctors offer new patient open houses or new patient appointments that are free, others charge a small amount of money for that.

    My daughter became a patient of that pediatrician when she had her first appointment a few days after her birth-we called the day she was born (she was born on a Friday morning) and made an appointment for Monday.

    As for the hospital part-if your pediatrician has privileges at the hospital you deliver at, he or she will see your baby while she's in the hospital, though the very first newborn exam (the one that happens right after she's born) will probably be done by whoever is on call-they won't call your pediatrician to come out in the middle of the night just to see your baby. If your pediatrician doesn't have privileges (the right to practice) at the hospital you deliver at, the baby will be seen by the hospital pediatrician. Either way, you'll need to make an appointment with the pediatrician you like for a few days after your baby is born.

    Good luck.

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    Call the office of the pediatrician your friend recommended and ask to schedule a consultation before your baby is born. This is usually something doctors offer for free.

    Usually, a pediatrician who works at the hospital will examine your baby after she is born, and you will see the doctor of your choice a few days after the birth.

    If you meet this doctor and don't like her, ask your OB or midwife to recommend someone.

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    I don't know if medicaid will pay for an interview of your possible pediatrician but you can always do your research online or even call her and ask questions that you may be concerned about. There is a website that people use to rate different Dr's. but I don't remember the name of it. Also, once you do pick one they will come to the hospital to check you baby once you have it. You just need to tell your L&D nurse your ped choice.

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  • What I did was used the pedi they recommended after I deliver and scheduled the first with check up with her.

    The following week I had finally found one I like and I have been with him now ever since.

    I am not sure about the Medicaid, sorry.

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    u dont u just go in and you'll get a pediatrition

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    yes it's true.

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