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Can someone please help me out? womens history?

why were these women important to the 1920's and what accomplishments did they make.

Coco Chanel

Bessie Smith

Mary Pickford

please dont come here and yell at me to do my own homework. im also working on a project and a lab report and an essay.

this thing w. the women is finished for the most part

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    Coco chanel was enormously important to the history of fashion. She created the distinctive style of the 1920s that we think of when we think of that era, women gave up wearing corsets, and adopted the 'chemise dress' that Chanel invented, followed by the collarless cardigan jacket, the bias-cut dress, floating neck scarves, heavy costume jewellery, all the distinctive features of 1920s dress were first introduced by her.

    Mary Pickford 'america's Sweetheart' as she was known, was a massively popular film star of the 20s, in fact she was a star from 1912 onwards. She specialised in playing sweet young girls, and in one of her most famous films, Little Lord Fauntleroy, she played both In 1919 she formed the United Artists Corporation with Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, and and W.D. Griffith, becoming one of the very few women to be involved in cinema on the production side.

    Bessie Smith was a hugely succesful and popular blues singer. She began singing as a child and at 12 toured with 'Ma' Rainey in the Rabbit Foot Minstrels. She continued to tour the cities of the south with the Florida Cotton Pickers and her own Liberty Belles until the pianist Clarence Williams took her to New York to record for Columbia in 1923. With her first record, Downhearted Blues, which sold 2 million copies, she established herself among the most powerful and moving blues interpreters. She recored with major artists such as Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman throuhgout the 1920s and toured in her how shows wit her husband Jackie Gee, who she married in 1923, becoming one o fthe highest-paid artists of her day. In 1929 she appeared in St Louis Blues, a tough, ironic film which was banned for its realism and is now preserved in the Museum of Modern ARt in New York.

    Source(s): Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography
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