bullys changed my life?

i dont really know if this is right section for this kind of question but oh well


ever since i was little like 6 years old i got picked on a lot well when i would come home from bus stop people threw basketballs at my head i really couldnt do anything about it cause they were bigger then me but it stopped when i got a little older but then in middle school i got picked on again... i think it was cause i was an easy target like 5'5 100 lb asian guy.those guys probably thought that i wouldnt mind getting picked on but it helped me to start working out(dad got me started). and today i dont get picked on at all now.

but i remember i used to be able to open up to everyone else around me quite easily when i was younger. but now it takes time for me to open up to people and i'm kinda shy.

plus i realized i also have a temper

do you think bullys affected me?

i think it did and i really want to be the same fun guy i was when i was younger

Update 2:

it really sucks gettin picked on and i dont think i will ever let this go =(

Update 3:

i'm saying did they like change for the worse

Update 4:

boofy you dont know me bro dont just say some random crap if you dont know me

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    I'm pretty sure bully's might have affected the way you saw life. Now that they don't pick on you anymore and you started to actually do something about it; you've became less passive and just letting things slide. So in a way you've changed to better yourself. But just give yourself sometime once you learn that not everyone is there to hurt you.

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    Wow, a lot of people have some good answers and yet they got some thumbs down. whatev.

    -i don't know you from a personal level, but the fact that being bullied all these years, kinda has an influence on your temper.

    and you know what? there are ways to fix it

    honestly, you've probably grown up since then, fact is, people get bullied a lot. you have to consider others who have been bullied.

    the things that make a difference is how you percieve it. what are you going to do to change your ways. how are you going to learn from these things? those guys that thought bullying you was fun, are idiots. it didn't take them anywhere. it's hard to just sit there and say that it's not easy. it isn't. what you have to do is adjust yourself, and learn how being bullied could effect you.

    you could grow up to be just like them, or you could change courses and learn from it, and know that you could go places better than them.

    And Boofy, you're a ******. you don't know what the hell you're talking about so go suck an almond.

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    In some ways, you're probably a better person. Maybe you're going to be more willing to stand up for someone you see getting picked on, or you're going to appreciate the friends you do have more. In a sense, it's better to be more careful with your trust - if you want something like more friends (more people to joke around with, etc., in order to be fun again), you don't need to develop deep friendships. I don't trust people easily, either, and what works for me is that I have two extremely close friends, and the others are shallow friendships that are there for both parties to get laughs out of. I still have a lot of support and loyalty from my close friends, while at the same time I have a lot of random fun with my shallower friendships.

    The temper was the obvious negative from the whole situation. It could either be righteous anger, or, you're still hung up on the fact that you were bullied as a child and thus always on the defense, in that respect. That kind of thing just takes time (and surrounding yourself with supportive people) to get over.

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    Wow talk about tough tomes. Maybe you should be thankful that that part of your life is over. I bet you are. Maybe that evil experience that you didn't get to choose to be in gave you something good. You're not an easy target anymore for one thing. I'm sure that inside, you've become this amazingly strong person. Maybe it's a good thing that you don't trust people easy, because as you know perfectly well by now, not everybody is to be trusted. Another thing is, when you see someone being bullied, knowing how they feel, you could be the one helping then get out of it like you did. I'm sure you feel like sh!t being what those bullies turned you into but you HAVE to be positive and look at the good things that experience did to you. Being shy and untrusting could suck at times but at least when you put your trust in someone, you know its worth it and you won''t be shy with that person. And that guarantees others that you are a trustworthy person.

    And like I mentioned before, you have the fact that its over to be thankful for.

    Stay strong man. I wish you the best of luck in your life and all the happiness and strength you need.


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    The bullying affected your self esteem what you must realise is this: Bullys are the inadequate one's they have short bursts of power but very rarely will stand up to someone bigger than themselves when on their own. It is a well known fact bullys are usually picked on at home so the cycle continues with them dong it to others. Rise above them, they really are not worth the time of day! As for confidence building try an assertiveness class they work wonders. You can google it, or look in your local adult education centre or college etc. Very best of luck.

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    Sounds like the Bullys have affected you. The good thing is you know it. A lot people cannot point out what is causing their issues. Since you can you can over come this.

    You can be the same person you use to be.

    Just over come it by being better than those people who did this to you. Surround yourself with positive people.

    Good luck man!

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    bullies change you just as much as friends, family, and strangers change you. everything that has happend in your life has shaped you whether in a good way or bad. if you dont get picked on it obiously improved your confidence which is a plus :}

    and also it has made you less open which is good because now you learned how to be able to only open up to people who you are close with which is good ... so yes it affected you in a positive way.

    && the same thing happend to me. so i know from experience :] i hope i helped u. and good luck working out ;]

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    you know I went through that my whole lef and yes it made me an introvert and pretty much scared to open my mouth. but that led me to become positive on things i became a police officer and was very strict on not allowing people on breaking the law, i later became a minister and you know what I preach it like it is so i thank all them bullies for making me a better person just like you are now. find a job or volunteer where you can be a role model for youngsters and teach them on respecting others it will help you come out of your shyness and give you a good feeling about yourself.


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    i think the bullies may hav changed u a bit

    it's awful what they did but its good that you got stronger and started working out

    but you may have changed a bit just on you growing up though but i really think you did change due to the bullying

    you can still be that fun guy it just may take some more time than it did when you were younger

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    It is possible that it affected your life, but it can be also a crutch for you. What I mean is, since you fear rejection, you tell your self, Hey it was the bullies that did this. But hey I don't know you. It sounds like you are a cool dude, I would talk to you. So stop being shy. Good Luck!

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