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Fred Taylor or Marvin Harrison?

Who do you see the eagles will try to go after Fred Taylor or Marvin Harrison?

They need a WR and Harrison is in my opinion still a good WR but he is aging and could be pricy.

They need a power back and Fred Taylor is a good power back.

Mcnabb wants help. Who do you see the eagles trying for, Taylor or Harrison.

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  • Jordan
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    I see them trying for Harrison.

    However, I think they SHOULD try for Taylor. Harrison is not the wideout they need in Philly. McNabb needs a #1 go-to guy. Harrison's not going to be his guy the way he was for Peyton. He'll be an awesome 3rd down option and he'll be great at setting an example for and teaching younger receivers, which is why I think he'd do a fabulous job in Miami or New Orleans. The Eagles already have guys like that, several of them in fact. They're missing the #1, and that's not who Harrison can be anymore. Taylor, on the other hand, would be a perfect fit. He's great on goal line situations and power football, running out the clock. Which is exactly what Philly needs. Taylor and Westbrook would be a very similar duo to Taylor and MoJo. And I think the Eagles need that type of duo desperately.

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    i've heard nothing about taylor being interested with the eagles or vice-versa the eagles need someone under 30 not over they already have two running backs approaching 30. Harrison is too slow and lacks acceleration look for the eagles to grab housh this offseason. I see them going for neither

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    I honestly believe Harrison intends on trying Philly. I believe he has ties there. Fred Taylor will be in New England. They love league throwaways.

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    I think either one is up in the air, but remember that the Eagles are not big seekers in free agency. They prefer to build their team from the draft. If you really think about it, they have been pretty successful with that. The last big FA pick up was TO and we know about 2 things that came out of it.

    1) They went to the SB

    2) TO caused the same drama he did with both the 49ers and Cowboys.

    Thumbs up to those who agree.

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    marvin harrison

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  • Anonymous
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    they should go after tj houshmansada instead

    ambasaddor they also got asante samuel from free agency not just T.O

  • 1 decade ago

    dont you guys have desean jackson?

    please answer mine


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