ok ok ik im overweight..and i need help?

ok well im 14 years old and a girl. im 5' 9"ishh... and weigh about 180 lbs. yes ik thats alot. dont comment on that please. i just wanna give u a general feel for whats happening.

i can easily go down to a healthy weight. the problem is if there soda or stuff in the house then i will drink that. and my mom wont stop buying it (i did get her 2 over the summer. i was much more skinny around 150 or less) andd she like wont buy any fruit!! or bottled water! what to do? i usually have a slim fast in the morning school lunch blahhh a snack after school thenn dinner whatever my mom makes usually chicken of some sort i dont really like red meat


i cant really work out too much. my legs r f*cked up... im realy restricted no running and no more than a 90 degree bend on my legs

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    okay well first of all since your almost 6' 180 is not that bad.

    now in order to lose wait its not only eating right, but its also exercising.

    you need to make sure you have 3 BALANCED meal and 1 HEALTHY snack. the worst thing to do is skip a meal because the next meal you will over eat, therefore gaining wait. also you need to make sure you work out if you have a treadmilll, walk for about 20minutes every day, or just take a JOG around your block, but you have to do this every day!!!!

    i hope this will help you!!=D

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    If your family can't find the time to buy healthy foods, save up some money and buy your own. Eat a well-proportioned meals and have small snacks so you won't overeat. Exercise regularly, or anytime. If you don't like red meat, eat chicken salads (delicious!) or something healthy than your "chicken of some sort." I bet you can lose weight pretty fast!

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    Losing weight is very hard for some people, some find it very easy me, it is very hard for me to lose weight so let me give you some tips.

    First, make sure your eating healthy. Eat things like a taco salad sugar things they are okay to eat once in a while but not everyday. For fruits eat fruit like oranges! They say oranges burn the fat in your stomach I don’t know if it’s true but that’s what they say for vegetables eat corn, carrots, potatoes things like that.

    Now on to the exercising make sure to do around 50 sit ups and push ups before you work out. It kind of gets your belly muscles stronger. If you got a tread mail work out on that or run around the block if you live on a farm or something like that, go work out at a gym!

    Well I hope these tips help you and I wish you luck on losing weight!

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    Well, the best thing is when your mom goes to the store go with her and find the healthy foods you want and ask her for them. You also instead of drinking sodas just drink water, also, if your a little overweight then just cut down less on eating like "don't eat" but don't starve yourself. just find the healthiest things that are in your fridge.

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    I was not overweight when younger, but all the same hated the type of food my mum made me eat. Why not go food shopping with her, when she goes, and chose the type of things you want and prepare them yourself.

    If you cut out the junk, eat sensibly ( not those damn slim fasts! ) you wont ever have to diet again.

    Fresh fruit, vegetables lean meats 85% of the time then you can have naughty food for 15% of the time. try to get a little exercise in too.

    You'll be fine.

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