Unidentifed bodies * Lots of questions*?

I was looking up unidentified bodies on the missing childrens website and wondered a few things.

1. How do they come up with the image of the dead.

2. How long do these cases stay open for? I know there are some from over 30 years ago.

3. If somebody is curious that thier missing child is dead. How could they identify the body? Do they have to call up some place.

4. If the body is decomposed and been found, why do they still come up with an image of the dead

5. And Finally, is it legal to put up pictures of childrens unidentifed bodies. Mostly its teenagers that are the ones found dead.

I know these are some sick questions but this is true life guys,


Also why do they call them Jane Doe, John Doe?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the shape of the skull could get you to come up with an image of what their face may have looked like.

    the cases stay open until they are closed

    the body can be identified by dental records or sometimes a DNA sample

  • 1 decade ago

    1. they can tell by the shape of the skull pretty close to what the person would have looked like

    2. they can stay open forever, until they solve it, no statute of limitations on murder

    3. they would file the missing person report and if they found a body that matched the report they would call the family in to see if it is them

    4. the same answer as #1

    5. i dont think they just "put up" pictures of the dead at all. they find the next of kin for someone missing that matches the body and have them ID it either with pictures, monitor, or in person at the morgue

    "Since John was such a common English name, it came to be used as the name of the average, typical fellow by the 14th century. Later these two names were used in standardized court proceedings in which 'John Doe' stood for the plaintiff protesting eviction by a hypothetical 'Richard Roe,' the landlord defendant. Thus 'John Doe' became the common man"

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