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Rush wannabe Mark Levin hates all government spending, yet he wants a massive increase in defense spending?

Defense spending the most expensive thing in the Federal budget and most of it is wasted on $700 hammers.

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    While I totally understand what you are saying about the $700 hammers, the fact is, The Constitution authorizes the Government to spend money on Defense, This is one of the few areas where the founders gave the Government the right. All this pork barrel crap is total waste. When will people start to take care of themselves and quit waiting for the Government to feed them?

    That is what Mark is Talking about.

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    The government is here to protect us, not to provide for us. That is the real, actual role of the Federal Government. That's the issue. I agree, there is A TON of wasteful spending with defense however it is a requirement for us to have a military if we want to sustain and protect our way of life. How anyone can argue that, I don't know. I guess if you consider yourself a utopian and think that no one wants to destroy our way of life, you could think that way. Spending on things like increasing welfare to people who don't deserve it or even illegal immigrants, bailing out irresponsible home owners who should have never received loans in the first place except for the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (Carter) and revisited in 1995 (Clinton), pork spending on things such as the creation of a seven-year cost recovery period for construction of a motorsports racetrack: Track owners currently follow a seven-year depreciation schedule and write each year's depreciation off their taxes. The IRS wanted to increase the depreciation timetable to 15 years, which would mean the track owner's depreciation would be cut in half. The measure keeps the seven-year depreciation schedule for two years and would cost taxpayers $100 million.

    I think that's why the Rush wannabe Mark Levin is so pissed about this liberal spending of our tax dollars.

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    I don't know who Mark Levin is. But judging by the details in your question - I think he must hate all unConstitutional spending. Because the original Constitution gave the Federal government the right to have a military and build infrastructure - NOT buy stock options into failing companies or help people pay their mortgage....

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    You are incorrect....the MOST costly expense we have are Social Programs.


    I don't agree with Levin though...there are cuts we can make, but we don't want to decimate the military the way Clinton did. It was very detrimental.

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    Keith, I doubt he said that in the distorted context you gave. but its nice to see your spinning at an msnbc level.

    weather you chose to accept it or not a good national defense keeps economies stable. It also allows you the freedom to rant on yahoo answers. where as the typical democrat wants to punish achievers and reward losers

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    Do you know what language you would be speaking without our defense? Invest in some history books before entering into politics.

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