Is it possible to buy a new car in one state but register it in another? If so how?

I would like to buy a new car here in Texas but want to register it in my home state of New York. How EXACTLY would I go about doing that?

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    i live in texas too, so i just want you to feel welcome......


    ok, i live in west texas, near the border with NEW as well as old mexico, new mexico is a state west of texas.

    people here regularly buy cars in texas who live and register the vehicle in new mexico and vice versa. generally new mexico residents have a better selection here, and texas residents like the lower sales tax in new mexico.

    so it CAN be done.

    now, for new york obviously it would be a little harder, but basically it looks like you are too smart to pay two state governments for the privilege of owing a car. very wise; in these times i am sure any dealership would bend over backwards for someone who can and wants to buy a new car. pick your car, hopefully one you can get from 2 dealers and make that the deal breaker, that they register the car in your home state. i have worked in a toyota dealership and the sales manager had a close relationship with other dealerships out of state. i am sure they can get it done for you, though it may slow down the time from picking the car to driving it home.

    But please, drive it home to new york, however it works out :)


  • Bub
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    1 decade ago

    Sure you can, it is done all the time. You will get the discount for the state the vehicle is in, and you will pay the sales taxes in that state and may be liable for taxes if they are higher in your home state.

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    People do it all the time. Just imagine Texas is New Jersey, and then act accordingly. A state is a state, for the purposes of this question.

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    If buying from a dealer, he should be able to handle that for you, by sending the proper paperwork to your state and in the meantime issuing a t-tag for you to drive it home. Be sure of insurance, though.

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  • Robert
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    1 decade ago

    Tell the dealer what state you want it titled in and he will take care of it. Assuming it is legal there is no problem. Illegal would be if you didn't live in that state but want to title it there to avoid taxes.

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