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Which team would win in this game?

Team 1

G Magic Johnson

G Michael Jordan

F Lebron James

F Hakeem Olajuan

C Kareem Abdul Jabar

Team 2

G Isiiah Thomas

G Kobe Bryant

F Larry Bird

F Patrick Ewing

C Wilt Chamberlain

what would the score be and who would win in a game between Team 1 and Team 2?

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    This is pretty tough but I'll go with Team 1.

    Magic Johnson vs. Isiah Thomas - height advantage for Magic Johnson

    Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant - MJ > KB no doubt

    LeBron James vs. Larry Bird - even if Bird got that magic touch LBJ is much faster and will dominate inside the paint

    Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Patrick Ewing - I'll go with a player with back-to-back championship

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. Wilt Chamberlain - I'll give Wilt this one even if he isn't that good at free throws

    OUTCOME : Team 2 is a defensive powerhouse with Ewing and Chamberlain inside the paint but Team 1 has the advantage because of Magic's playmaking skills. Magic will outplay Isaiah most of the times because of the height advantage and he can easily see open guys like MJ and LBJ. Bird is a perimeter player and LBJ can handle him easily, speed and built is LBJ's advantage. MJ and KB will square off and this is a great matchup 'coz both players are great scorers but MJ's advantage is his leadership on court while Jabbar will have problem boxing out with Wilt.

    SCORE: ??? - ??? - dunno...but it will be a three digit scoring game...

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    Team 1 will win it by more than 12 points because of MJ and Magic. Let me tell you though, this infrastructure is completely wrong. MJ, Lebron, Kobe and Chamberlain should have been in one team because the thing they all have in common is that they are not much of team players. When a single player scores 81 or 100 points in a game, it's a sign of ball hogging. The other players are all Team Players, so maybe your team should have been:

    Team 1: Magic, Isaiah, Larry, Kareem, and Olajuwon

    Team 2: MJ, Kobe, Lebron, Ewing, Chamberlain

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    team `1

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    Team 1 in a close game. PG is a push, Wilt is better than Kareem, all other positions the advantage goes to Team 1. Not sure I would put either Olajuwon or Ewing at power forward. Those guys are about as pure center as you can get.

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  • Team 1 102-97.

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    Team 1. 101 - 84

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    Team 1. but it would be a good game.

  • Team 1. 96-93, low scoring because it will be a defensive battle from both teams.

    Source(s): Lakers in '09
  • Team 1....


  • Team one. I would love to see that game!

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