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Why are people so judgemental about cosmetic surgery?

My 39th birthday is approaching and I'm seriously considering Botox. I casually mentioned this to my boyfriend and he tried to discourage me. I know looks aren't everything, it's what's on the inside that counts, blah, blah, blah, but why should I, or anyone for that matter, be apologetic about wanting to look better. I don't think of it as stopping the clock, it's just a way of hitting the snooze button.

Why do you think people are so judgemental and self-righteous about cosmetic surgery? What are some of your theories?


There are a lot of advantages to being young and attractive (both professionally and personally) and it's very painful to give them up, especially if you're a woman. I just posed a simple question but some of you are attacking me, which illustrates my point.

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    There is nothing wrong with Botox! And there's nothing wrong with plastic surgery, either. I'm 100% in favor of women doing whatever they want to make themselves look and feel better. If you're doing it for you, you couldn't have a better reason. My guy swears he would love me and find me attractive no matter what. He is actually completely against me getting a tummy tuck and/or breast lift if I have children. Why will I do those things anyway? So I can feel confident in my clothing and not hate my body everyday (and, by extension, not be a miserable person to everyone around me).

    This is just one more modern development that Luddites may never embrace. Let them die ugly. If YOU can afford the treatment and you'll feel better about yourself, do it!

    Frankly, I don't care if people preach that these things are unnatural because I bet that they've eaten fast food, driven a car, taken an elevator, flown in a plane, worn a piece of clothing made from synthetic materials, had an epidural (or even a C-section) for childbirth, shaved the hair on some part of their body, used any hair product, or otherwise done something "not natural" for the sake of convenience, vanity, or pleasure.

    People love to get righteous because it gives them an easy excuse not to think. Sometimes it serves to mask jealousy. Sometimes it's just a product of being conditioned to think or feel a certain way about something. No matter what, do what makes you happy.

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    You may lose your sense of self as you may never feel authentic again. Before surgery you might consider how you will react when people question you about your "fake" breasts - because they will ask, and criticize, and put you down for being "plastic" and "fake." It can do some real damage to your self esteem if you're not prepared for that. It may help you to check out the long term risks and consequences of breast augmentation and statistics on breast cancer. Don't say you're not doing it for anyone else, you are trying to deceive yourself, because what you really desire is admiration and attention in that bikini. Ask yourself, "would I still want breast augmentation if I lived alone on a deserted island where no one would see me?" Silicone planted under your skin can not give you self-esteem. It may give you false pride for a while. It may get you sexual attention. And other girls may envy your beautiful boobs, until they find out they're store-bought. And then they'll insult you, tell everyone they meet, and try to hurt you.

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    well, cosmetic surgery is altering, not enhancing. enhancing is using skin care products or things of the sort to make your self look better, but cosmetic surgery changes your appearance. for example, a nose job changes your nose, or breast implants change your physique. even botox freezes your face, changing it from natural into something plastic. and cosmetic surgery is not teh "snooze button" because the affects areimmediate, not stalled. having botox is a dramatic change (noticeable) the snooze button woudl be skin cream.

    to answer teh sociology part of the question, some people think plastic surgery is 'cheating' becasue you're born with your looks, and you changing them to look a certain way isn't natural, and amking yourself look like say angelina jolie, some might find unfair.

    well, whatever you choose, good luck :)

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    He cares about you. There are so many risks to Cosmetic Surgery. A lot of poeple are left looking worse.


    I'm not against it though. Unless, you completely make your self look like a Barbie Doll.

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    I don't know. Maybe your boyfriend doesn't want you to inject poisons into your face in close proximity to your brain.

    Perhaps you need to turn off your TV and radio and stop reading your newspapers and magazines. They are all pretending to sell you THE solution to ALL of your problems. The programming is to benefit someone else, not you.

    The older I get, the less I care about a human's physical package. How about stopping and trying to figure out what really important.

    It's not how you LOOK, it's how you FEEL. I'm sorry to contradict Ricardo Montalbán (or his impersonator).

    We are judgmental because it's an incredibly stupid idea.

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    it is not natural to put a none poison in your body and in you case your face

    if your were meant to have boob's the size of barrage balloon's don't you think evaluation would have sorted that one out have you seen them on the t.v no wrinkles no facial Expression at all cant move there lip's to laugh lips like guppies [fish] but hey ho go for it

    I am not getting at you what it is . is that system is crazy they do not inform you of all the pit fall in latter life you might look a million dollar's

    at the moment O don't listen to me just go for it you will anyway

    Just don't like good people getting stitched up by some doctor's that is making a fortune out of you

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    It is viewed as an admission that "what's inside" is not enough to keep people attracted to you.

    Or just as an unnecessary expensive luxury like designer clothes, jewelery, etc.

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    hum, how about some psychology on this matter. Getting Botox is telling your mind, "I am old and I need it something to make me look young". It s better to tell yourself that you are fine just as you are and you do NOT need it because i look great as I am.

    I knew this one lady that was getting Botox and she thought she looked so good and when I saw her in the sun, I almost fainted.

    Natural can not be bought. the more you try to make yourself look young, the older you will get. Forget about it, your fine as you are

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    Don't fool yourself, everyone will know and will be thinking exactly what we're saying right here. You won't look young, you will look fake.

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