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What is the average cost of a kitchen remodel?

with the economy down right now, would that change the price?

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    I own a home remodeling company. This answer is purely dependent on the degree of the remodel job you wish to do such as refacing pre-existing cabinetry, repainting pre-existing cabinetry, new cabinetry, relocation of appliances, full gut job, whether you keep existing layout of appliances, whether you change it, how high-end of cabinetry you wish to install, ball-bearing soft closing doors on cabinetry vs. non, tongue and groove construction vs. glue and staple made cabinetry,do you want granite, silastone, laminate, are you going to lay down laminate, hardwood, manufactured wood, tile, travertine, marble flooring? Installation of lighting...recessed, can,flush mount, etc. Are you removing any walls like dining room wall between to make kitchen larger? What's the dimensions of the room?How many feet of countertops? Do want a peninsula or island? Installing a garden window, arch, semi-circle vinyl clad or wood?

    Cost range upon if you want Chinese granite(cheaper) vs. Brazilian(more expensive)

    Ex: Granite $69.00 per sq. to $125.00 per sq. ft

    Silastone $35.00 per sq. ft plus

    laminate $16.00 per sq.ft. plus

    Cabinetry tongue and groove construction vs. non

    Avg 12x12 kitchen with non-tongue and groove cabinetry wall-wall cost is $15,000.00 does not include install. Double this if you want tongue and groove constructed cabinetry and add more money for ball bearing hinges on drawer fronts for softer glide.

    Then add in your labor costs for install,, your floor, countertops, lighting, etc.

    Bare minimum the average kitchen comes in at $25,000.00 with out all the frills. That would be laminate flooring, new cabinetry (glue and staple construction) no ball bearing hinges, laminate countertops,The issue here is you can get you labor costs cheaper right now, but everything else is material cost which still is the same.

    You can shave money off of this if you can do destruction, and install yourself. Bringing down the amount to $15,000.00 with a Lowes,Home Depot pre-constructed basic cabinetry, lower cost materials, snd would include appliances, if you do it yourself. Bit of advice, If you don't need all the high-end, go midrange remodel. Seek out Home Depot and Lowes and buy ea. piece of cabinetry through them. Figure out your base, wall, corners, etc. It's cheaper and can have a great look with the great cost. They have lower priced cabinetry out on the floor, not Kraftmaid or Thomasville, these will hit you hard on the price tag. Anything in the mock showroom, stay away from! Your better off having some of your buddies come in and take down old cabinetry, take a truck to Lowes or Home Depot and fill back of truck with cabinetry you are going to need based upon measurements, base, wall, corner, sink base,pantry, etc.(gonna take a few trips)

    You are being told an answer by people who do not know this industry and are giving you ranges based on nothing. The guy who said $3,000.00 that's funny considering that decent appliances will cost you that alone!

    I am in this business, my husband and I took a typical raised ranch kitchen, gutted it down to the studs, removed wall of dining room, did all destruction and reconstruction ourselves, did all electrical wiring, install of lighting, installation of cabinety, installation of appliances, the only thing we contracted out was the granite work. Mind you, we put

    in a full chef's gourmet kitchen with 2 sinks,6 ft of double doored refridgerator and freezer, travertine flooring, and he had moved the gas himself for a commercial stove. Given that we did all this work ourselves and have experience in this industry, we still laid down $45,000.00 out of pocket alone. Had we contracted our kitchen out it would have cost us $100,000.00

    Grant it, we did showroom kitchen remodel in our home, however, I have done tons of remodels in other properties, the least expensive was painting the cabinety out, installing new countertops, new tile flooring, new knobs, cutting into doors for some glass inserts,etc. This came to $9,000.00 including brand new basic bone appliances.

    It's really all relative to the type of remodel you want. Basic, Midrange, or Extensive High-end. Based upon what you figure you want, this can change and alter your price range astronomically itself.

    Hope this helps!!

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    The costs depend on the design you select and the materials you use. If you remodel your entire kitchen then you will need new cabinets, countertops, accessories, possibly appliances. You then have to decide what quality materials you want to buy and labor involved with the kitchen remodel. Labor costs could be a huge part of the remodeling budget because you have to take into account demolition, trash removal, contractors, inspections and permits etc…We recommend a lot of planning, shopping around and it couldn’t hurt to consult a remodeling professional.

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    At least youre thinking ahead,, its good to know a ballpark amount you can invest in remodeling, because it should increase your homes market value. The price of labor and materials has not gone down, if anything the cost of shipping has increased the cost of materials. Your homes value is based on the market value of your neighborhood, if you already have the best house, the only thing a remodel will do is sell it faster, not higher. There are ways to save money on a remodel, that include using sale appliances with cosmetic blems, painting or refacing existing cabinets. Changing and adding lighting, floors and countertops are elements to invest the larger percentage of budget on, real woodfloors and granite are expected, unless youre in a lower end home. If you want to do a minimum upgrade ask a realtor, otherwise there are kitchen design firms that will help with getting the estimates you will need.

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    What is the average cost of a kitchen remodel?

    with the economy down right now, would that change the price?

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    Home Depot Kitchen Remodel

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    Average Cost Of New Kitchen

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    I am a contractor in Montreal Canada and do kitchens all the time. The price does not come down in a bad economy and if you meet a contractor who promises you that it is cheaper now you will regret it.

    Kitchens can be very expensive and depend on the level of demolition and re-build you want. are you moving the fixtures ? That will require a plumber or at least some plumbing do you want new lighting ? now you need an electrician.

    New cabinets new counter tops what is the size of the room are yoy tileing the floor etc etc etc.

    Be more specific and you will get accurate prices.

    And when you get estimates you better be very specific and know exactly what you want and get it in writing down to the paint color and how many coats if you don't you won't get accurate estimates and maybe get robbed.

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    7 years ago

    The cost to remodel your kitchen depends on many factors. One of the cost-effective ways to remodel your kitchen is to hire the professional and reputed kitchen remodel company. One of the most recommended and suggested kitchen remodel or renovation companies is -

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    $3,000-$20,000, depending on size, what type of remodeling & if you're replacing appliances.

    Actually costs are going up, on the average, although I can buy sheetrock for $6 per sheet when it was $9/sh 6 months ago.

    You might find labor at a better price, if you shop prices & haggle over their estimates, but be sure that the estimates you receive are line-itemed out & not lump-sum estimates. With everything line-itemed you can see where your costs are & what, if anything, you might want to change.

    Good luck...

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Price for renovation of your Kitchen depends on various factors like type of remodeling you want,quality of the material you prefer for your kitchen and the appliances you want.Usually,it may cost around 20,000 $.Call any renovation company and take their quotes.Do the same with 5-6 companies and choose the one which suits your budget and needs.

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