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Why are HFA albuterol inhalers mandatory now?

I was recently switched from the albuterol inhaler like a greyish color to this bright yellow, nasty tasting hfa albuterol. I now get jittery and random heart palpitations and it just doesnt work the same. What is going on that my old kind of inhaler is now illegal, and what kind of medicine is more comparable to it? BTW, I am switching primary doctors because this is the only inhalor he would let me have a prescription for, and just know something is very wrong with the effects of this medicine.

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    Apparently some ecologically minded people got it into their heads that the propellant used in the MDI's wasn't good for the environment.So they switched it to HFA propellants which are more ecologically friendly.

    I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around how those little bitty inhalers were a threat to the ozone layer.

    What the hell is going on in the FDA? Probably some kind of power move by the executives, which , just like in Congress, are afraid of being labeled antiecology minded.

    Sorry but our tax dollars are being wasted on this kind of stuff and it's effecting real people like you.

    God bless and help you through this.

  • Mary
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    It is not that HFA propellent are required, the CFC propellent was outlawed. The goverment gave the pharm companies greater than 10 years to develop something else. The drug did not change just the propellant. Some came up with the dry powder inhalers or dpi such as advair and spiriva. Xopenex was never a CFC inhaler and it has less side effects. Now that albuerol/ventilin HFA is a 2nd tier, so is xopenex. You may want to give it a try. Also you can use the nebulizer albuterol. Nebulizer is what powers the drug so there are no propellents.

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