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Single parent tips...?

I am a single mother. I just turned 22. I live with my parents and cant afford my own place. I get so exhausted taking care of my baby alone, I do have the help of my parents,but they get so worn out because they are older. What my question is, is does anyone have any tips on getting a home by myself? Or relaxing tips? or anything really? I guess I need to know its going to get better...?! Does it get easier?

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    Firstly, I would stay with your parents. If you have a healthy relationship and they are supporting and helping you, don't be in a rush to leave.

    Why stay?

    1) There is nothing better than free live-in childcare you can trust. Leaving your baby with friends and sitters is always a leap of faith. At least if your baby is with your parents, you know their care-taking style, what type of people will be allowed around your child, they know your baby's personality (and feeding times) and that the baby is comfortable with them.

    2) Money, honey. You can work, contribute to your parents for all that they are providing you and then save, save, save! So many of us leave, rent a place and then we are in the rat race. Never making enough to move up. We move in with roommates to share rent and end up risking an unhealthy environment for you and your baby. we end up no having the time to take classes to enhance our incomes, etc.

    This is the time that you should be educating yourself in order to pursue your dreams. What career do you want to pursue? What skills do you need to effectively pursue that career? Do you know what you would like to do? What are you good at and if you did it it would be fun work for you? How can you chase that and carve out good quality time to be an excellent mother? These are questions moms much older than you are still trying to figure out. At least you have the shelter and care of your parent to do all your pursuing.

    Right now you have help. Be grateful. Some of us wish we had parents who would help.

    Queens mom, experience 42 year old mother and entrepreneur of www.royalnapmat.com

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    Well that depends on the age of your child. The infant months are exhausting for sure! Once they get a little bit older, it gets easier. Just knowing that you'll get through it helps a little bit. You may want to look into government housing. They have sliding fee's for people with low income. As for relaxing, use the time when your baby is asleep to relax. Don't do chores or house hold things while she's napping, do them while she's awake and content. Sit her on the floor in the kitchen and give her some measuring cups to play with or tupperware and do the dishes. Blow some bubbles at her and sing, play some music while you're washing the dishes. Put in music and dance around the house while you're vacuuming or dusting or picking up. It will make the baby laugh and you'll be getting things done, while playing with them. It's all about being creative and using your time wisely. If you use the time they are napping for house work, you'll never have time to relax, and if you are constantly entertaining or taking care of the baby when they are awake, they will expect it all of the time. (only when they're a lil older. 3-4 month olds don't get spoiled) =D good luck

    Source(s): Mommy of two. I've been single on and off.
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    when you say "easier", do you mean living on your own? because that will certainly make life more demanding... and probably more lonely because the presence of your parents won't be there. maybe youre just frustrated because parenting itself can be all-encompassing - and there are parts of your life that you haven't been able to "nourish" just yet.

    Since your lucky enough to have the help of your parents (even if it isn't often) take advantage of that by asking them to watch the baby (or child) for a couple of hours here and there so you can go .. do anything by yourself. it will give you the chance to do some thinking (about school maybe or a job) and to just refresh - a walk, get a cup of coffee or tea, hang out at the bookstore or library. something relaxing anyway (those are my favorite things if I get a moment).

    hang in there and remember to count your blessings.

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    Yes, it does get easier. You need to contact local agencies in your area for help with finding your own place (they can do things like pay the deposit so you are only responsible for the rent) you also need to get a job if you do not have one and find childcare near your employment. This is the only way you can get ahead. You are not alone, lots of people are in your situation and they get themselves out of it. Many of them way younger than you are. You may want to consider going back to school, as well. This is going to be the one time in your life when you can get help to do everything you should have done in the first place, so take advantage of it. Tax payers do not want to support single mothers for their whole lives so there are programs designed to get you on your feet. I have seen them work. You just need to know that it gets SO much easier- my son is 12 months old and I can remember feeling overwhelmed with him, as well.

    Good luck, and remember this is your life so you need to make the best of it for you and your child!

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    no, it doesn't get any easier. I am a divorced dad with full custody and I am 35. Both the kids live with me and the best thing I can say is find a decent job, look for a modestly priced place and be sure you can afford it. Manage your time wisely. This will help in all areas.

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    well you will have to way until the baby grows a little and goes to school. min while do the best you can. than you can get a job, but your parents are not chasing you out they are just old. I wouldn't move. perhaps if you do get a job it will be easier for you. but until your baby goes to preschool. His not going to be a baby fo ever so have patience.

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