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im woried about my dog?

she is acting extremely weird, i am downstairs in my room and i randomly hear her growling and biting at something, i go and see if anyone is bugging her, but no one is there, everyone is sleeping, she's been doing this for a while, i dont know what to do, can anyone help me? its really worrying me because shes biting for a reason, and i dont know why, is this a symptom of something? any help is appreciated


she seems to be biting randomly around where she sleeps, in the air then the couch she sleeps on, with no one around at all, she doesnt play with toys eithers :( its around 2am to 7 am i hear her do this so she should be sleeping!

Update 2:

no she refuses to sleep anywhere but the living room :( she likes to stay alone for some reason sigh

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  • Joanne
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    Have you had her sight checked out? Dogs with sight problems will some times growl and snap at nonexistant objects.

    But she is most likley just be playing by herself, as she doesnt play with toys she may just be practising her play fighting skills on other objects,

    If she was mine i wouldnt realy be conserned but i would ask the vet to give here a quick health check to put my mind at rest.

  • rjn529
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    Unless you actually see what she is doing, it's hard to answer - - -

    She could be having a type of seizure where they will nash their teeth together and growl.

    But she may also just be playing with a toy or bone.

    Keep an eye on her, even if you are out of the room, can you sit where you could look through a doorway and see what she is doing?

    If she is actually biting people, then training is needed. I would recommend a good trainer who has dealt with aggression/biting in dogs and can work with you and your dog to determine the causes, and training needs, for your particular situation.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Perhaps she has an imaginary friend. Maybe she's bored. I wouldn't worry about it. If something was really wrong, she'd be doing it when she isn't alone as well. Maybe she sees a bug or something else that you don't see.

    Edit: When she wakes up at 2 am, take her potty, and tire her out again. She's probably bored more than anything.

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    Maybe you have a rodent in your house. They're usually nocturnal.

    I'm presuming she inside the house in another room.

    Just saw your additional information. Maybe flying insects such as mosquitos.

    There is certainly something around that's bothering her. Have you tried putting her in your bedroom for the night to see what happens?

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  • 1 decade ago

    It could be something that she is doing in her sleep. My dogs often dream and start making noises and moving but are still asleep

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