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what to wear under scrub pants?

okay, i have been school now this whole year [in a vet asst class] and i have noticed that you can see one's underwear through their pants. but mainly, all of the girls there you cant see their underwear. they're either wearing a thong or they have pants underneath. but i tired to wear pants and they were really uncomfortable.

are there certain pants that you're supposed to wear underneath? help!

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    As a nurse, just about everyone who wheres scrubs just wears underwear> Sure you can see the outline but what else is there to do

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    I used to wear sports shorts.

    There are no "rules" about underwear, but scrubs do get torn sometimes or you have to get them off in a hurry (soiled with infected material, etc) so wear stuff you are comfortable with- even if it's the only thing you're wearing

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    I never wore my scrubs that tight, for comfort. For the same reason I wear cotton boxer type or boyleg underwear-no chafing, absorb sweat, breathable.

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    Wear boxer type pants that will not show as much and there are no panty lines.

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    Leggings maybe? Or tights?

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    thong duh.. it's more uncommon to find a girl NOT wearing a thong these days if they're between 16-30

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