My husband recently admitted he called an ex-girlfriend to meet for drinks.?

He was with a male colleague from work. I had no knowledge of this plan beforehand, but found out afterwards. He told me that he wanted to "catch up" with her and that nothing would have happened because they were both married (sigh). It turned out that they did not meet, but he did admit to erasing between 5-10 phone calls between the 2 of them during the night. BTW, I was at home sick. I'd appreciate any insight on this issue, whether good or bad.


to ndm1958:

He didn't get home until after midnight (I tried calling 3 times in the hour before he got home). When he arrived, he jumped in the shower and I took a look at his cellphone calls - incoming and outgoing. Mine weren't there and I knew he had erased them. When he got out of the shower I asked why he erased his phonecalls....and that's when he fessed up.

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    He likes her. They are both married which only makes it more likely they will cheat because they have this bond of secrecy. Idk he's clearly hiding this from you but still trying to act like he's giving you enough information (I take that as a sign of a bad/nervous liar). What reason does your husband have to "catch up" with an ex? Come on, obviously there is a mutual attraction, bond, and sexual history that will only lead to an affair.

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    Okay he cheated, here are the signs and how to interpret:

    1.) He jumped into the shower immediately upon arrival to home. This is to wash off her perfume and get rid of any make up, and sexual fluids on his body.

    2.) He did not answer any of your phone calls, he was busy with her.

    3.) He erased all of his phone calls

    4.) He confessed to meeting with her to get you off his track, knowing that information alone would upset you enough.

    I think he's a creep for meeting her while you're at home sick. He should be home taking care of you, not out rendezvousing with women...

    I think you need to confront him again and get the full story, maybe try bluffing him that she called and told you everything because she felt guilty.

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    I would be very concerned, yes he told you but he still erased the information on his phone. If he did that he has something to hide. And it does not matter if he, she or both of them are married. If he decided to contact her to catch up then he should have mentioned it to you first and asked her over to your house with her husband. Question, did you find out from him or another way. Has your relationship with him changed since you got married, such as works later, goes out with friends more, less affection, less or no sex. If you think there is an issue you should see a counselor.

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    He is so in the wrong for doing this. Sounds like a failed attempt to cheat to me. If it really had been harmless and he had good intentions he would have informed you about his plan beforehand. It seems like he's telling you now because he feels guilty.

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    Oh girl please, he is so cheating.. I mean why is he in contact with old girl here? I mean the past should stay in the past the only time you dwell in the past is to get a piece of it back. Keep your eyes open he is lying. I swear men are such snakes.

    I suggest for you to find out who she is and find her husband and tell him. That is what I would do.

    Tell her husband what you told us. Believe me between both of you something is comming out one of you will find something. Good luck.

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    So if she wasn't married, is he saying she would cheat? I know why your sighing).

    The fact that he didn't tell you and he was concealing this knowledge only makes me wonder why? I think you know too.

    Source(s): When there is no trust in a relationship, there is nothing.
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    No worry. Tell him you do not like it. That's as far as you would like to go. Otherwise he will feel too much in demand if you persist. Have an issue with your X and see how he feels.

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    why did they not meet? and if he was so not guilty of doing anything how come he erased the calls.... mmmmmmmmm he has some explaining to do......

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