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Ho kayyyyy,

I am moving back to the States next year and want a job! like at the mall. like, at hollister or a clothing store or even a book store or whatever. What would I need to do? What are the requirements, and what is the pay like? JW :) Shankyah!


Okay, obviously I know how to say thank-you.

And by the way, I'm only 16 if that has any effect. I thought those types of jobs weren't hard to come by, however.

Update 2:

Also, I've worked at 2 summer jobs as a sort of clerk. I just had in mind a job at a store like American Eagle or Barnes & Nobels or something of the sort.I don't know where I will be living just yet - - - I'm moving in 4-5 months (my dad is in the Army.)

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    Out of curiosity have you worked at a job before now? If so, what did you do? Where will you be located when you return to the states? There are always plenty of venues in central Florida especially with theme parks, but pay is bad! Formulate in your mind what it is you would find interesting to do because your enthusiasm may pay off in an interview. You mentioned book stores and/or malls - if you are an avid reader you would be an asset in assisting other readers to find their favorite authors or in most book stores there are C/D's and DVDs for sale so brush up on what the population is looking for when they enter any of your job definitions and you will get noticed by your superior faster for advancement. The problem is that the economy is tolling the death knoll about now so for every job out there you will have plenty of competition. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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    It really depends on the job. All I can say though is we're at a recession right now so it might be difficult finding a job.

    If you work at the mall, you can work at clothes shop and just scan orders, put up outfits on display, etc.

    Normally you'd get pay between $8-12 per hour.

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    Don't just phone. Go to a prospective work place in person. Also, dress how you would if you were going to start working there right when you walk in. Be confident in the interview, and look the interviewer in the eye.

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    You are trying to seek a job, in a difficult time...

    Be thankful in whatever you can get...

    There are many, many peeps out there that has more qualifications that you must find your uniqueness about you that stands above them all.

    If anything, I would start to present a "Thank you" properly...

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