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in your opinion, not including time of trip, is the best backpacking pack?

not looking for a pack for me, I'm asking in your opinion, what is the best pack, not interested in buying it, just wanna know, don't say:

oh you are giving enough info

because I said plenty.

I'm saying this becuase some people were stupid and didn't read the question properly.

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    What's the mission? Light-and-Fast; Expedition; Beefy Weekender?

    You got different styles for different jobs. There is no correct answer. There are definitely some to avoid at all costs, but there is no one single pack that conquers all.

    I don't know how to take "time of trip" out of this equation. I'm not going to take a GoLite pack out for 10 days, un-resupplied in winter. Likewise I'm not going to take a big honking Mystery Ranch pack on a 5 day Adventure Race.

    If I had to go buy a new pack tomorrow and had to get something that would fit the bill for most of my trips, I'd probably go for a Gregory Baltoro or an Osprey Atmos 65.

    Source(s): 20+ years Backpacking experience with a few years of guiding and sales thrown in for kicks and giggles.
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    most packs are generally durable enough for repeated use. it really depends on what pack suits you the most. you'll generally find that a lot of packs have different designs that are suitable for different things. Also, different packs have different carrying capacities. if you're looking for more carrying capacity, i would look into the internal frame packs. they are well suited for long backpacking trips.

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