The books by Frances Hodgson Burnett?

The Dawn of a To-morrow and A Lady of Quailty by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Can anyone tell me a brief thing of what either of these books are about, please? I have to read a classic for my book report and was considering these because i have liked other books by this author, but do not know what they are about.

Any help is great, thanks.

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    A Lady of Quality was "a successful novel that was also converted into a play with the help of the author's husband, Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Lady of Quality (1896) presents the story of the English gentry at the end of the seventeenth century. Taking historical events as the backdrop for her work, Burnett creates a protagonist who is determined to have her own way."

    Here's something about The Dawn of a Tomorrow:

    There's not much about them on the internet, but you can read most of Burnett's books free online as they're out of copyright! (just one site)

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    The Secret Garden.

    This is from Barnes&Noble.

    In this beloved children's story, Mary Lennox, an ill-tempered orphan is sent to live in England with an uncle she has never met. While there, she discovers a spoiled cousin and a long-abandoned garden. Working to restore the garden, she finds she also cures her own ill temper and reforms her cousin as well

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    She wrote the little princess and the secret garden! i highly recommend those ones instead!!! great novel.

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