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Gas vs. electric vehicles?

Cars and electric cars. I'm confused about something. I get the whole environmental thing, use less gas. But when it comes to the electric cars, well, isn't that using power, which we're also told to conserve? Change your light bulbs and use timers, but plug in your car? What am I missing here?

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    You're missing nothing and in fact one of the few that gets it. We would need 20k + new coal or nuclear plants to provide the power for all Americans to drive electric cars. I am sure California would just LOVE more rolling blackouts and $800+ per month electric bills for small homes.

    If any one doubts the figures, do the math yourself and see.

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    i think it is about emissions.electricity does not necessarily

    originate from burning natural resources, it may come from

    water power. the thing is that the endeavours of creating more

    electricity from solar power, tidal power, biomass and geothermal

    energy have turned out to be pretty successful and promising.

    at the moment you are a pioneer if you drive an electric car,

    but that will change.

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    The environmentalists have their targets: oil companies, coal companies and nuclear power companies.

    So where are we supposed to get our energy from? The Sun and the wind, both expensive and unreliable.

    It would seem that their real goal is to stifle the American economy, not to save the planet.

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