am i wrong for not having kids because of religion?

i want kids more than anyting.the only reason i dont have kids is because in my opinion to live is a curse.if i could choose if i wanted to come here or not i would diffenently not come.i became a atheist 5 months ago and i dont want my kids to have to suffer and struggle with hard life dicisions like me.i sometimes wonder what if hell is real,so i figure by not having kids im sparring there life and soul.please give me your opinion

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    All I can say is, where is hope in your Atheistic world vision?

    As Theists (and Christians), there is always hope. We bring children into the world as a sign of this hope. Even on our deathbed, a heartbeat from death, there is hope.

    Hope is the theological virtue by which we desire and expect from God both eternal life and the grace we need to attain it.

    Here is Pope Benedict XVI's Encyclical Letter to all on the meaning of Christian Hope:

    With love in Christ.

  • Kurt
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    I can appreciate you would want to protect any kids you would have from harm, and thats admirable.

    You know that God is like a loving parent to us and would not subject his earthly children to suffering, so what make you think hell exists? Was it something you were raised to believe? If so, i can appreciate that.

    The Bible in Ecclesiastes 9:5 tells us the dead are conscious of nothing at all

    Yes, in pslams 9:17 it says the wicked will be sent to hell, but the Hebrew translation of the word is Sheol, which literally means 'Place of death'

    People do not suffer for their sins in death. Romans 6:7 says that "He who has died has been acquitted of his sin."

    Really, though, everyone has to make tough decisions in life at some point or another, but life has its joys too.

    But its really up to you if you want to have kids, its not an easy decision as it comes with a lot of responsibility

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    I am religious, and I do not have or want children. I'm very adamant about not having offspring, although it has nothing whatsoever to do with any pessimism toward life. I very much enjoy life, and see it as an extremely positive thing. There's no law saying that everybody on the planet has to have children. But if you are an atheist, why do you still maintain a belief that Hell (or the concept of the soul) could possibly be real?

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    Well first of all if you are an atheist why would you do anything for religion???

    I am sorry if you have felt that your life has been or is a curse. If you seek Jesus Christ, in his name you can cast away those demons and curses. But only through him is that promise made and possible. I think the experience of childbirth and the magnificence of life will bring you to believe that Life is a wonderful gift. Feeling the unconditional love of a child, and Jesus will lift that curse.

    Our struggles and hard decisions are important to help us grow and feel and learn. KNowing that your loving father (GOD) is with you and guiding and helping you through it.

    This is just my humble opinion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe that if a person has ANY hang-ups about having children, then he/she should not have them.

    There are too many children born into situations that are bad for them.

    However, people struggle in life. That's all a part of what life is. If you don't want to have kids because that they might suffer, then you are wise not to have children. But if you think you could raise strong kids and teach them how to make it though the rough spots (religiously related or not) then you should reconsider your choice in not having kids.

  • I wouldn't worry about the religious stuff (the stuff outside yourself), but I would be concerned with the fact that you think life is a curse, you don't have faith in a power higher than yourself to help you, and you are unsure of your decision whether to beleive in God or not. You being the parent would pass on all these attitudes to your children and they are all negative, negative, negative. What chance would the child have of being optimistic, see problems as a healthy challege, have a ball with life, etc, etc.?

    I commend you for wanting children. I have three (wish I had more, but ran out of time). Children are the worlds greatest blessing. But you have to have a certian level of a love for life to pass on to them so that thay are happy and well adjusted and look forward to each new day, etc, etc. I'm hoping you will reconsider the God thing. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    And one more thing. There's a WORLD of difference between religion and having a parent/child relationship with God!

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    If you wonder about hell, then you must wonder about a the christian god too (as hell is a creation of that god/religion, supposedly), which means you are not an atheist. Atheists do not believe in gods.

    That's fine and well, but maybe you should straighten out your head a bit first before deciding to have kids. You seem like you may need to see someone about unreasonable fear and paranoia. Not joking.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have kids when your ready. And then teach them to make their part of the world a better place. Enough parents do this and the world really will be a better place. To not have something you want because of the world, is letting the world beat you. Don't do that. And yes, technically it is a sin. In the Bible we are told to propagate. It is our duty ... according to the Bible. For me, I don't really see how God could consider this a sin. But most "Christians " would tell you that.

    I am not "most" Christians.

  • 1 decade ago

    Having and raising children is so much joy, though. I'm atheist as well but I'm positive that my kids are happy even without a religion. You don't need a religion to make you happy! Why do you think they would suffer from not having one? You don't miss something you've never been exposed to...

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