Science Fair Project Ideas? Fast, please!?

I need a fast answer! The fastest non-stupid answer will be chosen for the best. I need a science fair project idea. It can't involve animals what-so-ever. I want some chemistry, but it would be okay to have just a normal project. I want something easy and at a 8th grade level. I am actually in challenge 4th grade but I want to do something amazing. I need something SUPER FAST because the science fair is tomorrow. Please, please, please! I need something fast, easy and interesting!

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    Here is a website that will give you ideas nad how too's based on your grade and idea.

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  • johal
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    very unquestionably sufficient i additionally had a technological know-how honest in grade 7 and that i gained first place. this became my undertaking that is amazingly right away forward yet looks no longer ordinary to do. you utilize electrolysis of water. particularly you place electric powered modern by way of water and this produces hydrogen and oxygen, all you particularly need for this undertaking is a lantern battery or any DC ability supply, slightly of cord and aluminum foil as your electrodes (or any electric powered conductor that would not react with water,oxygen,hydrogen----even concept aluminum does rust it would not happen as speedy as iron could so that is larger--i say this because of the fact on the damaging electrode oxygen is produced and that makes maximum metals rust quite unquestionably ), you besides could desire a field and 2 smaller boxes that could want for use to capture the oxygen and hydrogen some information: - the greater floor section your electrodes have the speedier this works - the closer the two electrodes the speedier it works - do no longer enable the electrodes touch - save checking your battery so as that it would not get warm - in case your utilising a ability supply any element between 5-30V is stable, yet greater importantly the severe the amperage(A,mA) the greater speedier you're able to try this with out overheating and burning out your ability supply - in case you such as you may upload some thing acidic/ordinary to the water and this hastens the technique - yet i do no longer advise it because it reasons section chemical reactions;which a million would possibly no longer enable you to get you hydrogen and oxygen, and 2 could be risky for you for a great number of techniques approximately this manner in electrolysis of water in wikipedia it explains in great element wish this facilitates

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