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If you got to cast The Vampire Lestat...?

or any other of the Vamp Chron books, which people would u choose to play which characters? They don't have to look like that now (or be alive, for that matter) or even be able to act xD

I'd choose:

Lestat - Martin Rolinski

Louis - I'd stick with Brad Pitt

Nicolas - Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Marius - Julian Sands

Maharet/Mekare - Simone Simons

Armand - Taylor Hanson

or Björn Andresen

Santino - Tuomas Holopainen

Daniel - River Phoenix

Also, I'd stick with Aaliyah as Akasha and Kirsten Dunst as Claudia.

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    You are now officially my favorite person for asking this question. :) I agree with all of your suggestions, especially Marius and Armand (Bjorn Andresen is perfect for the role, it seems.) So is Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Nicolas-- he looks a lot like the tortured violinist we all know and love. Personally, I liked Tom Cruise as Lestat, though. He had a strange sort of accent in the movie, and for me, it fit all of Anne Rice's descriptions.

    Maybe Jason Isaacs could play Marius? However, there's something not quite right about his facial structure. I always imagined Marius more delicate.

    Also, I almost suggested Joaquin Phoenix for perhaps Louis--but I don't think so anymore.

    Sorry I couldn't provide too many; don't know too many actors. :) But brilliant question!

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