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Do you think the Unions are currently HELPING or HURTING the auto industry?


Should they be abolished?

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    I do feel that Unions had their place years ago before employment laws were enacted. They were a good thing at the time and helped us all.

    However, they have become like leaches attached to companies and people. They suck the "blood" out and control. The have become all powerful.

    Union bosses live like millionaires on the blood of us all. There are pay offs, fancy vacations and lunches. I used to be an HR employee for a union shop. The union bosses would come round for fancy pay offs, lunches, cocktails, gift certificates and wheel and deal with the HR director. After all these "gifts" they would leave and the employees were not any better off. The warehouse union employees got their regular raises weather they did a great job or not. The incentive to work harder and earn merit raises and promotions just didn't exist, the people were like drones. They couldn't ever get anywhere beyond where they were. They had comfortable benefits and the like, so their incentive to even work elsewhere was taken away, but they were never going to go further.

    In the end, the company I worked for went under. There were a few union strikes to get raises. The company had to bend or close, and then they ultimately folded. You can guess why.

    By the way, the non-union employees got the same medical and dental that they had, but I had it cheaper as I wasn't having union dues deducted from my check. : )

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    the government has destroyed the yank motor vehicle industry by ability of way of the Union foyer. No deepest industry can function below the stress the UAW had delivered upon them. definite, the bailout harm the vehicle industry, they might desire to have taken financial ruin and the unions suffered the cutbacks only like something persons. imo-if that doesn't ensue, u.s. will in no way have an motor vehicle industry returned.

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    Hurting-yes. Abolished?No. Perhaps some real world caps put on wages and extras would be helpful. Bring them in line with non union jobs, at least a little closer.The original idea for unions was good and needed. The workers were being abused before they came along. Unfortunately they got too powerful for their own good.

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    The car unions have been hurting the US auto industry for decades. I remember in 1973, very distinctly because my brother bought a new Dodge Charger (piece of junk!@ in the shop every week. Engine blew at 50,000. & got 14 mpg. Never again.) that the cost of worker benefits exceeded the materials used to build new cars. It's only gotten worse. Excessive benefits, no mechanization. Guaranteed work. Add that to crappy product & it's no wonder they're failing.

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    Unions NEVER help......I owned a company back in the days of Eastern Airlines.....The Union Struck them when they were in financial trouble and wanted more....3 of the workers came to my company and were looking for work because they COULD NOT collect unemployment......due to the strike......Si I hired the men....4 months later Eastern announced they were shutting down and declaring Bankruptcy....THEY CHEERED....WE MADE THEM GO BELLY UP they yelled happily.....I looked at them and asked one...ARE YOU STUPID?..He replied that he was happy and no he was not stupid and why did I ask....

    I were with them for 17 years and were making $22 an hour..with great benefits....You go on strike and REFUSE to give the struggling company anything back and they celebrate and take a job with me for $9 an hour......and NO benefits....HOW do you figure you won?

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    I really can't blame the union as it was the company who kiss their

    butts and agree to give them all the benefits they have. Why blame

    the union or anyone who can get whatever they can? Actually I

    think the auto industry is much of the blame as they mis-managed.

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    Unions in the present are destroying every company they touch.

    I don't know if I would abolish them just make every state a right to work state and let the employees decide.

    At least regulate them.

  • Unions hurt every industry and are responsible for shutting down most of them . Democrats can't get it in their heads when you close down Industries you eliminate jobs Of coarse that's not saying much do too democrats having the same intellect's of a dead worm!

  • jeff m
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    That's like a vampire putting a bandaid on his dead victims neck.

    I've worked at union places before. If you put in a good effort they act like you're trying to embarass them. The worst is what they've done to the school system.

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    Totally screwing up not only the auto service but everything else they touch. They were saviors in the beginning but now they are devils.

    Greed, ya know?

    It is not money that is evil, as some misquote the Bible, but the LOVE of money, which is the root of ALL KINDS of evil.

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