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Thinking of moving to Dallas, TX.?

I am married with three little children. Thinking to move to Dallas TX from Chicago IL. Right choice? Why yes or why not? Which area around Dallas TX is family friendly and countrylike? Thank you.

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  • Brad H
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    I think Dallas is your best area to move to in Texas. First, just let me say that 80% of all the jobs created last year in the United States were created in the great state of Texas. Our economy is rated number one in the U.S.

    I would not live in San Antonio. It is a very old city with very narrow streets and very crowded. It is mostly Mexican. If you don't speak Spanish you cannot get a job doing anything. You would have to learn Spanish or you couldn't function there.

    Also I would not live in Houston. Climate is horrible. It rains all the time. And everything there is freeways.

    I would not move to Denton, either. With my apolgies to my neighbors in Denton. But the traffic there is horrible. The entire city of Denton is undergoing constant street repair and the traffic one big gridlock all day and night. Other than that, it would be okay. After they get the streets fixed, I would consider moving there. (NOT!)

    Dallas area is the best. As far as public transportation, we have had the DART city bus system since 1983 and the buses run all over the metroplex. No problem to get anywhere. And it is cheap. I have ridden DART to work and everywhere else for years. We also have the DART lite rail system which runs commuter trains all over the metroplex, too. Also have AMTRAK and the Trinity Rail Express.

    There are many suburban cities that are okay to live in. The northern area is usually recommended, but I must tell you that they are booming with population growth and traffic is bad. I live in the Mid-Cities area between Dallas and Fort Worth, and I have everything close. The whole area is booming with new construction and growth. Just google for a map of the Dallas area and then look at each of the cities around Dallas. I would suggest the north and west would be the best.

    Source(s): Lived in the Dallas area all my life and know it well.
  • jvtech
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    1 decade ago

    The economy is still pretty good here, so it may be a good idea for you if jobs are hard to find where you are. Just stick with the suburbs, and you will do okay. North of Dallas is pretty good where Frisco and Mckinney are, and I live in Euless which is halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth. Euless is in an excellent school district and is very family friendly. If you want something country like, you will have to live a little further out, maybe 45 minutes or an hour. Denton area is not bad, but if you are working in the Dallas area, traffic is horrible. Good luck with your decision! Texas is great if you don't mind hot weather in the summer. You will not have to worry about horrible winters though!

    Source(s): Lived in Texas all of my life
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    I'm not sure what you are asking but I will give it my best. As far as weather goes, everything is great. As far as a tourist destination, it is great. Dallas has more shopping per capita than any other city in the United States. Dallas has the 6 Floor Museum where Lee Harvey Oswald shot from in order to kill JFK. Dallas has a lot of art galleries and theater productions including plays, musicals, operas, etc. Dallas has a relatively low crime rate. The people are fantastically nice. I love Dallas! God Bless.(*)

  • Anonymous
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    I would advise against it. I lived in suburbs of both Chicago and Dallas, there is no comparison between the two cities. Chicago downtown is full of life and has many inexpensive things to do. Living there, you know the Field, Science & Technology, the Children's Museums.

    Dallas is a big suburb. No public transportation and, unless you live in an expensive suburb, horrible schools. The argument for Dallas is usually the weather. Too hot in summer, potential for ice storms in the winter and violent weather in the spring and fall.

    Before you commit to a move here do some serious visiting. Get to know the daily life. I think you will find the Midwest more to your liking.

    My wife is stuck here for her job, otherwise, we would be long gone.

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    Dallas was ok when i live there but i found the people not easy to get to know. Both my girlfriend and i did everything we could to make and find friends there.never before Living there did i have problems like this

    or in any of the other 3states I've lived in have a not been able to make friends. i asked around to other people what they thought we were doing wrong and a guy told me that Texas is a town of clicks and everyone he ever met that moved there from some were else had the same problem that it talks years to get in with people there.

    Good luck other than that it was fun and ok

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    okay well, i live like 45 minutes away from dallas and i would recommend you move to denton texas. its 45 mins north from dallas. its a growing city where people are very friendly and helpful. it has great schools and it also has houses which are country like if you like being at peace. dallas is nice too but is also violent, other than that there are alot of other parts that are very peaceful and nice.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Just wanna say sry bout the fact that ur gona be out of a job. Curse Outsourcing. Dang foreigners. Anyway...I dont know much about Texas and schools there. But Im sure you will find something. Hope you become a nurse. Doctor/Nurses jobs tend to pay alot. Best of Luck !!!! =)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dallas isn't a good place to live, try Houston or Austin, Dallas plays second fiddle to both of those.

  • 1 decade ago

    I've only heard good things about Tx, its really booming now. Lots of jobs & great opportunities.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ...Dallas ? way to crowded and to expensive... come a bit further South to San Antonio !

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