What happened in the 1970's?

I'm doing a project about the president's in the 1970's and my teacher said we need to get information about the time period (clothes,music,tv shows etc..) And for those of you who lived in the 1970's I need your opinion on how good or bad it was. thanks!

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    I was in high school in the 1970. I joined the Air Force in 1973 during the Vietnam war. Good and bad times is an individual perspective. I did not get sent to Vietnam, so I will have a different perspective than a friend that was a door gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam. But I am an optomistic person. All times are good for me. If we had the internet in the 70's. I would be retired by now.

    Nixon was impeached for Watergate. Ford took over.

    Carter had double digit inflation, unemployment and mortgage (18% if I remember correctly) rates. The price of gold up from about $300 to over $900 per ounce. Iranian hostage crisis. Gas lines due to excessive government regulation. You could only buy gas every other day of the week. If you had an odd number on your license plate you could buy gas on the odd numbered days of the week. Stealing gas lead to anti siphon devices added to gas tank filler spout. This time is typical of how the democrats caring help the poor. Companies provide jobs. over tax them and jobs go away. Carter raised the upper level income tax to 70%. How would you feel if you made $1000 and had to give $700 to the government. then there were still all the other taxes you had to pay (property tax, sales tax...) Reagan lowered this tax to 35% and led to many jobs being created.

    Early 70's, clothes were bright and flowery. Purple Bell bottoms, hip hugger, halter and tank tops. Beards and long hair. Flower children. The movie Car Wash is a good trip to the times. Then came the Disco era. The clothes became polyester suits. See John Travolta in Disco Fever for a trip to that time. We had the greatest music of all time. check the various years on the link below. You can probably find any of them on youtube

    Volkswagon was the car of choice. The beetle, microbus, dune buggies and the thing were variations. and the Muscle cars with souped up engines and jacked up rear ends with wide tires. !973 seems to be the end of quality in the American cars and the start of the 5 MPH bumpers.

    The Hippie movement led to college kids moving to rural areas and setting up communes with shared duties, drugs and free love (I noticed the guys had a problem with free love when their girlfriends were with someone else). This was before AIDS. They seemed to have been indoctrinated into the communist ways of life and they can now be seen in the government (far left politicians accused of being Marxist Communist and Socialist) and colleges (to indoctrinate students). You are likely aware of the William Ayers in connection with the Obama Election. William Ayers was a radical terrorist with his organization planting bombs. We use to have frequent bomb scares at schools because of his ilk. Look into Ayn Rand, Communist Manifesto, Rules for Radicals, and the book Animal farm.

    The hippies have all gone their separate ways, and only a few die hards are still on the properties living off the land. I think many thought there was more to the world then goats and hemp.

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    End of the Viet Nam War


    Nixon Resigned

    1 st Unelected President in history Ford

    OPEC Oil embargo

    Jimmy Carter

    Hostages in Iran


    TV Shows



    Charlies ANgels

    Happy days


    Blazin Saddles

    Star WArs


    The Shining


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    Well during that time Carter was pres and had problems with Iran with hijacked planes .

    Disco music was listened to a lot ,plus rock like Led Zep,The Stones,

    Fleet-wood Mac.

    people wore bell bottom pants and flower shirts .

    some popular tv shows were All In the Family, Maude, Jefferson's.

    lots of sit Com's.

    I believe Hill Street Blues was on in the late 70`s .

    Some movies that were on were Earthquake , Towering Inferno,Enter the Dragon.The Exorcist .

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    You can find a lot of info on Carter. Can you rent that movie Dazed and Confused? The clothes are classic 70s. TV shows were all sitcoms like MASH and All in the Family. Some were those kind where a celebrity hosts skits and songs, like Sonny and Cher did. Carol Burnett was one.

    Music was pretty awesome. Black Sabbath, Cream, Uriah Heep, and Led Zepplin, the Stones, most of it is still played on stations.

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    Have you ever watched That 70's show? It was much like that. Everyone drove big cars and went together because there was a gas shortage. Many people were using drugs more than just the hippie generation. There was something called the "Misery Index" I don't remember too much about it but it had to do with inflation and cost of items like gas and food etc. It was not much fun and when Reagan was elected it started turning around. He lowered taxes and the economy turned around.

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    The 70s were similar to what we might witness in the next few years. only our personal rights will be depleted. the 70s were good or bad depending on your age and how you saw things. Life was not easy for adults at a time when the war was ending, inflation and unemployment was out of hand. and you know there had to be a gas shortage. All the doom and gloomers were working in full force to may everyone dependent on the government.

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    Disco was king.

    CBS ruled in sitcom output.

    Clothes ranged from hippy-style to coed chic.

    Inflation was rampant in the late 70's.

    Gasoline shortages were everywhere.

    1976 was the bi-Centennial celebration.

    Watergate occured in 1972 and Nixon resigned in 73.

    Carter was elected in 1976.

    The Iranian Revolution was in the news, and hundreds of Americans were held as captives.


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    I don't know why everyone mentions Carter.He didn't come in until the late 70's. For me, Ford and Nixon come to mind. Oh, and I was getting almost 9% interest on my savings. Pack of chewing gum was less than 10 cents and people sometimes couldn't break a 20 dollar bill.

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    The 70's,,,Nixon resigns, Vietnam War ends, disco, end of the muscle car, just a few off the top of my head.

  • Robin Trower, Bridge of Signs ROCKED!!! 1974

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