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Stina asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 decade ago

Frontier Airlines $150 change fee waived?

Has anyone had a $150 change fee waived by Frontier Airlines? If so, please explain the steps you took.

My story: After about a month of researching flights, I was unable to find a flight leaving Houston to Orange county on a Saturday, and returning 8 days later on a Sunday for a fair price. So, on Saturday I decided to make my purchase for a ticket for 7 days returning on a Saturday. Come Monday morning, I get an e-fare alert saying that there are now SUNDAY flights available. I called Frontier Airlines to see if I could add an extra day and they told me it'll be a $150 "change fee." The flight is 3 and a half months away, and there are PLENTY of tickets available for that flight, at the same price. I've called and spoken with 2 "supervisors" that won't budge, let alone answer why $150 is necessary to add a day to an itinerary with the same airline. I couldn't imagine it being a hassle to change a flight 3 and a half months in advance.

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    Yeah, no one ever said the airline business made any sense.

    Airline ticket prices fluctuate greatly from day-to-day based on a number of factors. The bottom line is that when you agreed to the terms and conditions by purchasing the ticket, you agreed to the $150 change fee if you made a change to the reservation for any reason.

    Airlines are bleeding cash now, and they need as many ways to nickel and dime the travellers to death in order to have any hope of making any money. They're not likely to budge in anything where they can make additional money off you over and above the price of your ticket.

    My advice: Next time, fly Southwest, the airline that doesn't charge change fees (you still have to pay whatever the difference in fare is, but there's no change fee), and there's no bag fees.

    Source(s): I hate it too. I booked a flight last month and had to rebook, and found it was cheaper to just let the ticket go unused and purchase an entirely new ticket rather than to pay the change fee plus the difference in fare. "I always wanted to run an airline, but unfortunately, I have a college degree..."
  • 1 decade ago

    Most all airlines charge a 'change' fee if you want to make changes to your return flight after purchase/issuance of ticket. When you made the purchase, you should have looked up their change policy and you would have known. It is their policy to collect a change fee. If your ticket fare allows it, you are able to try for earlier/later flight on the same day. I don't think you will be able to skip the fee in this case. Sorry.

  • kigar
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    5 years ago

    sorry, this is the take care of inexpensive tickets--no unfastened variations. you should in all probability get a waiver for ailment or loss of life in prompt kin, yet it is not the case here. stay and learn! in case you choose flexibility, you may purchase the better value tickets which allow you to modify for no value.

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