"Life as we knew it" Susan Pfeffer?

Okay, did anyone else feel like this when they read it?

Okay, i had been up all night reading it last summer. I was bundled up in four blankets and sweats on. I was shivering and hearing things and seeing things, hysterical i think is what my mom said. And when i fell asleep, i was crying in my sleep, almost screaming my parents said. They moved me into their room that night cause I was hearing people outside, planning to steal our food (kinda like something in the book) and I was seeing dead bodies everywhere cause most everyone died in the book. I was starving to death and was freaked out!

What about you? And why did that happen to me?

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  • Brigid
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    1 decade ago
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    Whoa, that's pretty excessive. I read "Life As We Knew It" and thought it was really good, but I wasn't freaked out by it, although it was really interesting to think about. But I can definitely relate to being freaked out by a book. I read "Killing Mr. Griffin" by Lois Lowry (I think?) when I was younger, and it terrified me. I guess some books just stick in our heads and strike us as being plausible...Sounds like "Life as we know it" had that effect on you. Go read something with a happy ending!!

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