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The pros and cons of the R32, R33, R34 skyline GTR models?

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The R35 doesn't count as that car is not called a "skyline GTR" anymore and is just called "GTR"
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R33s are the heaviest, R34s are almost impossible to get with all the hoops you have to jump through to get one and it still is not a 100% legal and could be seized if anyone wanted to make a big deal about it. R32s are the cheapest and they're the closest to reaching the 25 year rule where they'll actually be legal to have in the US.
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  • Bman49 answered 6 years ago
    I really don't feel like answering the question, but actually the R35 should count. The reason Nissan called it the GTR and not Skyline GTR is because in Japan people think of Skylines and Skyline GTRs as completely different cars, thus why Nissan called the R35 GTR.
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  • C7S answered 6 years ago
    They pretty much drive the same and have the same RB26DETT engines, but with different ECU tuning and exhaust.

    The advantages are AWD, reliability, and high potential engines like the Porsche 911 engine and the Toyota Supra engines, which make 1000HP+ with modifications.

    The disadvantages are too expensive because of high resale values(good thing if you already own one), expensive to modify and maintain, premium fuel required.

    Also, for some reason, so many people think the Skyline GTR R34 had 500HP stock. But it does not. It only has 276HP from its twin turbo engine and goes from 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds. The same as a current Nissan 350z.
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  • tricky answered 6 years ago
    The person above is a good man.

    The 500-600bhp side comes as Nissan as well as other makers where restricted until January 2005 to keep power below 276bhpbut as we know with many cars leaving the showroom many owners dyno there stock cars and power was above those figures,and close to 330bhp and even that is detuned the Rb26 as well as other engines like the 2jz can see 500-600bhp with its stock internals and get there with little effort this is what the engines where make to do stock when built and hence being a tuners fav and again with new internals the stron engines can see figures well above the 1000bhp level.
    The paper 5.2 secs i can only go by my auto R33 gts-t when i bought it stock the owner before ran us a timed 5.2 sec so GTR must beat that with its power and awd set up.

    Each Skyline has a lot to offer ok the R32 is an older car now but even with today's standards it is well advanced than many cars out there and changed motor racing to stop it taking part due to all its wins.
    The R33 is heavy then the R32 and i found it is noticable but better i felt on the open road where the car comes to life ,to me the R32 was the best car for town driving and i miss owning one but the R33 on the open road is bigger and feels lie it loves the open road where it comes to life more.
    The R34 is is a mix of all the good bits from the others with light handing seen with the R32 and with the Open road feel of the R33 and mixed with the extra room the R33 had to offer and a improved rb26 engine which was torque y and still offered great power.

    All skyline have lot to offer the Non turbo are cheap to run and good fun and cheap to insure with great looks,the Single turbo versions can see high power figures from there engines and are very popular as being cheaper to own than the GTR there are plenty of aftermarket parts for them meninges and body wise.And s said can see scary bhp figures.
    All the skylines have a mix of Hicas set ups which have saved me a good few times and the GTR has the Altessa awd setup to send power when needed to the 4 wheels..

    All the GTR models are great and each has a lot to offer the R34 is the modern one with it lcd screen and hardcore looks ,but older skylines are still headturners and the engine all run on the same basis.So go for one that meets the budget all will give you a smile and offer you all you need in a car.

    Pro's Skylines are roomy cars which offer great passenger room front and back and plenty of trunk space,engines are super tunable and offer alot of power to keep you happy and power will run out when you pockets run dry,looks can be altered there are 100's of bodykits to keep the cars looking modern,major fans out there with people taking pics and vids all the time like owning a 200k car,loads of after market parts out there and plenty of breakers who deal with scrapped skylines,Nissan still stocks Skyline parts i have bought R32 parts and R33 parts from them over the counter at my local Nissan dealer.Overall a roomy car which offers a daily car with great looks and power.

    Cons,regular serves but i do with every car i own only use expensive oils,Fuel low mpg on turbo models but this is the type of car it is i asked about mpg when looking to buy one,the owner said if you have to ask then buy a mpv.
    Use high octane fuel and it does matter myself as other owners will tell you low octane as well as problems will also give you rubbish power,high octane is like you are running on Nos all day long.
    Worst con is convincing your friends and family that you are not ready for the nut house as driving a Skyline will give you a huge smile which you will have all day,if you do not believe me add Nissan Skyline smile into a search engine and see what comes up.it truly gives you a smile each time you drive it.

    Great vids with some skyline reviews mixed in.

    Great vid well worth watching.



    hks world record awd rag


    R32 R33 Skyline Owner member of skyline ad import clubs.
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  • driftson answered 6 years ago
    There are no cons. First off its a nissan, you cant go wrong with nissan. Second of all its a JDM car. An Third of all its a skyline.
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  • Layne answered 6 years ago
    R32 is the cheapest, easiest to find and the easiest to mod
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  • The pros and cons of the R32, R33, R34 skyline GTR models?
    The R35 doesn't count as that car is not called a "skyline GTR" anymore and is just called "GTR"
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