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alkyd paint while pregnant?

we finally finished the last touches of the remodel of the bathroom.. We went to Lowe's for a white trim paint and basically picked one of the few small cans they had for sell without reading closely, So I decided Ill go ahead and paint the trim myself, I did fine, it was strong but didn't bother me.. after wards I start researching painting while pregnant, & almost everywhere it says, of course make sure its well ventilated and to stay away from oil based paints.. so I decide to look at the paint can and its "olympic hide fast interior/exterior alkyd paint" commercial use.. after researching that I see its OIL BASED PAINT .. Of course now Im worried. please Id like to hear your opinions, should I be too worried?

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    You should be fine. I worked in a building where they painted with oil based. The doctor told me as long as it was well ventilated its ok.

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    I'm currently painting my nursery a light sky blue, but I keep the room well ventilated and try not to over do it. My doctor said it was fine, that the most danger is not my baby being born with birth defects, but with my feeling dizzy from the fumes itself. So I left all windows open while painting, with a fan to use as an exhaust. To avoid overexposure, I take frequent breaks and never sleep in that same room (just to be on the safe side). If you're very worried, consult your doctor since every pregnant woman's body is different. Good luck!

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