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Did you see the interview that DW did with Dale Jr before the race?

I thought it was very good and Dale Jr. was extremely honest. He said something in reference to his success not matching up to his popularity and he was right on the money. I think the HATERS need to take a step back (only the ones that are real NASCAR fans) and think about it. Can you imagine the pressure that he goes through every day being the son of one of the greatest drivers ever? He races because he loves it and I have even more respect for him that he has won 18 times in his career under that microscope. I have never said that he is a GREAT driver and neither has he. He is however, a great person and that is all that matters in this life....................Your thoughts???


Racheal ..........If he's "no good", how in the world did he win 18 races???? He won 6 in one season..............Obviously you are a very casual fan at best.

Update 2:

It's very easy to be a Jeff Gordon fan; one of the best drivers ever...............Go out buy a hat or t-shirt and scream "I love Jeff Gordon!!!!!" Whooooo hooooo

(Not a knock against Jeff Gordon; Racheal just proved how little she knows about NASCAR!!

Update 3:

I can only be Rosie...........Please name ONE, just ONE driver that does not have obnoxious fans...........

Update 4:

clintea.............He has NEVER said that; LIAR!

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    Racheal, you could'nt be more wrong, I've been a NASCAR fan since the early 90's, I was not much of a Dale Sr, fan, and I think Budweiser's piss so that rules both of your theories out. Dale Sr was not the type to hand anything to anyone, not even his kids. Jr bought his first race car a 79 Monte Carlo late-model, with money he earned doing oil changes at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet, Sr helped him set it up but after that it was you race it you fix it. Not only that he had to share the car with his brother and sister as well. Jr paid his dues running at places like Hickory and Myrtle Beach. By the time he started running what's now the Nationwide Series, he was living in a mobile home with Kerry. Now that I'm on that, Jr only ran 2 full seasons in NNS, and won the title in both of them and has 22 wins there, hardly lucky to get a ride. Coming from a Gordon fan, this is kinda odd since it was Dale Sr who recommended that Rick Hendrick hire Jeff in the first place. I mean how good would've Jeff been if he'd been at Bill Davis Racing(or was it Wood Bros, I forget) all these years.

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    I only dislike him because he's my mom's favorite so we have a friendly rivalry. I don't think there's anything wrong with him as a person, however, I think Nascar treats him differently than other drivers and that's not fair. I also think a small number of his fans are just awful. They can be rude and obnoxious, but that's not his fault.

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    Yes, I did see it & that is what us Junior fans have grown to love about the guy is his total honesty. He took the blame called Vickers to apologize and was ready for this week. I find it funny when DW told him he was driving a little aggressive like his dad and Junior said "What's wrong with that" I also did get a kick out of when he said he felt bad for about 80% of the guys he wrecked the other 20% he didn't even care if they were there or not. Wonder who he was talking about? I'm not going there just curious.

    He's right though about his popularity as all of us Junior fans are aware of, and reminded of daily that is popularity doesn't reflect his success on the track. He is the most popular driver because of the man he has grown to be and what he stands for. Sr raised his boy well. True fans aren't fans just because of the checks in win column it stretches far beyond that. Junior is an honest stand up guy. Luv him!

    Gooooo Junior!

  • Ok, I'll give you this. I'm glad he manned up about the incident and took most of the blame because BLOCKING is racing, but so is RETALIATION... That is just part of the sport, and I love it.. Atleast he was trying to be honest tho

    I have this to add though about that interview.. IT WAS RIDICULOUS.. That whole thing wouldn't have been done for ANY other driver if it wasn't Dale Jr. They explode and exploit every little thing that happens in that mans life... I mean if that was almost anyone else it wouldn't have been talked about by many after the race, OR a full frickin' interview dedicated to it. I almost changed the channel during one of the "Sprinkling Cautions" because they started to show parts of it again. NASCAR needs to get off his... well, you know..

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    Yes I saw the interview yesterday, this is why I like Junior so much. He is a honest and proud person.

    ANd he put it out there on the line yesterday. I thought it was a bit funny, but he also manned up to just plain missing the stop on the first pit. Kinda peek my curiosity who he was speaking of when he made the comment of he felt sorry for 80% of who got wrecked and 20% he really didn't care. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

    Junior told it like it was. I would like to see one person on here who doesn't particularly care for Junior and just live one week in his shoes.

    See what this man has to go through day in and day out. He is under alot of pressure and I think he has handled it pretty darn good so far.

    I don't ever want Junior to be like his dad, that is not why I like him, I like him for him, he is a down to earth well respected young man. ANd 95% of the time he respects the drivers when he is racing, every now and again he will have a moment that he messes up, but he always, ALWAYS, mans up to it. (Even if it takes a week)

    Junior is and will always be my #1 driver.

    Junior will shine in 09.

    (It has only been 2 races and he needs to get those mulligans out of the way now)

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    Yes I did I thought it was great. He is honest. Yes, he is under the microscope more than any driver out there, he is damned if he does and damned if he don't. I would change my last name. He doesn't like being compared to his dad, and people keep doing it, he is his own man, he drives cause he loves it. I hope by the time he retires he has over 30 wins and a champioship. Yes, he is a great person, and a very honest person. I could tell the interview was alittle uncomfortable, but yes maybe some of his haters saw that interview and finally realize he is a great person, honest driver, respectable driver. Its racing and wrecks and accidents are gonna happen, and he is not immune to causing them or being in them, its racing.

    Go Dale Jr & Hms

  • Yep I saw it and was impressed. I have never disliked Jr. as he was once my absolute favorite.

    That being said I was glad that he did finally take responsibility for the Daytona wreck...not that it matters much but for some drivers and their fans who were hurt over it..(Yes I had hurt feelings) its like a healing balm. Now...I had to I was defending him about the colored flags on how he chose pick or yellow whatever and so did everyone else and that is why he missed his stall at Daytona...and last night on the interview he said "Oh I wasn't paying attention I just used the colored flag thing as an excuse" and then he laughed and I had to laugh too. He can be funny.

    So yeah...the man lives in his fathers shadow and that is a burden no one should have to bear. I do feel for him in that way.

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    I've always known that about Jr. He's always been under such enormous pressure to perform, to live up to an impossible legacy. He's doing what he loves, and I wish his fans would just stop pushing him so hard.

    I'm not a Jr fan, nor am I a 'Jr Hater', and I don't think you have to be either/or.

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    i agree with jr 100% and i think it was fault on both of the drivers and whats in the past is in the past you really cant do anything about it now but when the next daytona race comes later in the year this will be the talk of the nation again

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    He always looks at the ground and not at the camera or the interviewer. Mom always said that was sign of a guilty conscience, so I feel sorry for him. Seems he feels awfully ashamed of himself about something but won't admit what. (And no this is not a "Junior is gay" reference, I'm just saying he seems to be ashamed of something. Who knows what?

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