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Which is the most powerful MUSLIM country in the world?

is it K.S.A? is it Pakistan? is it Iran? or any other?

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    in terms of money and finance i should say ksa but i m sorry to say saudis are too busy in luxury life to ever care how to secure muslims across the globe.Saudi have been good in helping poor muslim countries and strengthening them.Pakistan nuclear program had lot of saudi money fundings.even now saudi money is used for running Pakistani nuclear laboratories .saudis have only been good in giving money to their allies countries to help them stand against usa.thus saudia rabia involved countries to stand against usa indirectly but never came in front and said anything against usa.if only their saudi king open eyes and start talking for muslim ummah things will change.


    Pakistan-Muslims only nuclear power,2nd best trained army of world,3 rd best commandos of world,and has one of top intelligence network of world, defeated world super power soviet union,financially weak but very strong in military warfare and emotional people who care about Muslims.Pakistanis are Muslim military power.this country cares about both sunni and shias and is considered by usa as "muslims most dangerous nation who pose serious threats to american alliance".it is also known by dr a q khan,pakistan nuclear father who created Iranian,libyan,saudi nuclear porgrams.The future of Pakistan is shivery as usa consider to invade pakistan soon.but there is fear any attack on pakistan would result in ww3 as pakistani nuclear missiles range are up to europe and israel.


    Iran-shia central command.extremely good at caring for others especially is like pakistan but financially better but not good in military as compared to pakistan.iran president ahmednijad is known in Muslim world to openly say truth against usa.disliked by usa and regarded as terrorist nation just like pakistan.iran is known for openly saying against usa and is hated by west for citicizing usa.iranian president is even respected by shias who call him a brave person.iran plans to build nuclear tech to protect itself from usa invasion.they like pakistan have serious threat of being invaded by america so they plan to build up defenses.


    others like turkey are secular.turkey is unable to stand against west unfortunately.only countries like Pakistan, Iran are capable of some hope to muslim ummah.Pakistan is a hope for sunnis and iran is a hope for shias.

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    The most powerful muslim country in the entire world seems to be Pakistan.Although financially weak its armed forces are quite strong and much more experienced in warfare then any other muslim country.It is a nuclear armed country which has achieved self sufficiency in weaponry.Al khalid tank,JF 17 thunder and Zulfiqar class frigates are well developed projects.Pakistan is active in UN peace keeping missions and is currently fighting terrorism.Not to mention Pakistan has a strong agricultural economy with huge food exports and probably the most talented youth in the world.

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    Well they are: 1: Turkey (Troops , wealth and technology) 2: Saudi arab (wealthy) 3: Iran (wealthy , Nuclear power) 4: U.A.E (wealthy) 5: Kuwait , Qatar , Yemen and many more they are rich countries but doesn't have strong troops. Pakistan also the great country they have strong troops 7th largest army and technology is great in their hands. Nuclear state They beat India several times also. But it doesn't mean if you beat country like india you will be in the list of great Islamic countries.

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    Pakistani are very patriotic nation. And if Pakistan would have nothing .Pakistan would be able to defeat any strong country by his patriot power... So be PATRIOT and don't say bad words about any country ...PAKISTAN ZIDABAD.....

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    "Muslim Country" !!!!!.....where r muslims so to make a muslim

    country ???

    what left only the name of islam....u either see muslims who cannot

    differentiate between them and westerns only by the religion name

    or who r so extremist that think themselves have the right to decide people's life.

    all what so called now muslims countries people there eating eacth other no law no justice .how they can be powerful!!!

    they all weak only iran have some power but they r not muslims they

    worship ali.and they hate all muslims cause theyr sunies

    Source(s): Now the Roman era.
    • either sheia or sunny the both groups are muslim, non of workshop Hazrat Ali A.S.

      it is written and told us by mohammed Rasool Allah that the time will come when the whole earth will be worshoping one Allah even, Jesus, Eisa bin Marium will be back and proud to be a follower of Mohammed.

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    Muslim countries are rich mashallah. They should be well prepared just like other countries and be united.

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    what i know its country be in the last period

    not any of you mention

    because non of the countrys today is practices the real islam

    if you want to talk about our day i've say: Iran is the most closed to the power of islam

    unless if there is unshown countrys in our earth

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    Only Pakistan is the most powerful Muslim country in the world not Iran and KSA.

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    KSA is too busy kissing the western a**

    Pakistan is too busy blowing things up and serving the extremists...

    and the rest of the Arabic countries (except Palestine n Iraq) are too busy rolling in the silk sheets money can buy...

    so I'd say IRAN... not only does it try to unite the Muslim world... it also helps the ones in need...

  • Anonymous
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    K.S.A economically

    Iran and Turkey in politics

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