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How do I transfer pictures from my computer files to my facebook?

thankyou in advance for the answer.

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    Click Photos on the left hand sign.

    Click My Photos at the top.

    Click Create a Photo Album.

    Type in the information for this album, then click Create Album.

    At this point you may have to download the photo uploader.

    If you don't want to download it, you can use a simple uploader mentioned at the bottom of the screen.

    Then just the uploader to browse through your files to find photos to upload.

    After they have uploaded, you can add captions, tag the people in the pictures, and turn them vertically if they're on the wrong side.

    When you tag yourself or one of your friends in a photo, it will show up under Photos of "whoever" on their profile.

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    I haven t had a problem. When you click on write a post on facebook there will be a camera icon at the bottom of the rectangle where you will be typing your post. Click on the icon and it will allow you to browse our pcture library. Mine is organized by date and I open the date that includes the photo I want, click it and then click open. It will pop up on your facebook post which will ask if you want to add a comment. Comment and hit post.

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    have already done two but for some reason it tells me that theres no file......driving me nuts...

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    I am going insane , I have tried everything !!

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