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what kind of job in the Air Force closely relates to child care relations?

Any job that has some sort of relations to child care in general. I know that when I go in I will be using the education given to further advance in child care but I want a job that will help me be prepared for when I get out of the military. Or a job that will make me happy that relates to it. Ha ha. Most likely no. But I'm just wondering


I see the Services job category is the most closely related job.

It sounds exactly what I would be doing when I get out. Just with older people? ha ha.

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    It's the TCCC program (Pronounced T Triple C) it stands for Tactical Combat Child Care. Make sure you ask a recruiter about it. Essentially, we will all be carrying our children into battle so that our families do not have to suffer hardship and then right before we get onto the lines or leave the wire, we drop our kids off with those TCCC Airmen. We also have to pull the car seats out of our humvees before we roll, so you may be responsible for making sure the right child is matched up with the right car seat when we come back. Hopefully, they'll have a supply specialist to coordinate that for you as well.

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    With services, now known as Force Support, you could be working in the dining facility, fitness center, Airman and Family Readiness center, those sorts of places. You would have absolutely nothing to do with children. Most of those who work with children actually are civilian employees.

    At the chow hall... you could be cooking, serving, cleaning, ordering food, planning menus, all depending upon the location and your rank.

    Fitness center.... scheduling classes, maintaining equipment, cleaning equipment and facilities, washing towels, etc, again, based on the facility and your rank.

    Sorry.... nothing like child care!

    Source(s): AF spouse - 20 years
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    Not sure about the air force but in the Army they are called platoon commanders

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