Pokemon emerald how do i make eggs?

can u give me all the details all the way till it hatches

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    First, you need to get two pokemon (a male and a female) of the same egg group (example bug egg group or dragon egg group) for more details go here: http://serebii.net/pokedex-rs/ in the very middle there is a dropdown list that says "Breeding Section".

    You can also just mate same kind of pokemon (male and female)

    Or, if you don't have both male or female (or just lazy to look for one) you can put a pokemon (either a male or female) with a ditto. The resulting egg will be the one that you bred with the ditto.

    The breeding center is on route 110 and just talk to the lady inside and give the 2 pokemon. There are times that it won't breed (I guess). After that go talk to the guy outside the breeding center (after walking around for some time) check if there was any egg. He will give it to you if there was any.

    After that, put the egg on your party and travel somewhere as long as your walking. Because the egg will only hatch after a certain number of steps (about 1000-2000 + steps i'm not sure, but somewhere in that set of numbers). You can just proceed with the game and it will surely hatch before you know it.

    Oh yeah, when it hatch, it will be on level 1.

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    This is kind of embarassing.. but.. i used to play Pokemon Emrald non-stop when i was 12.. now im 19 so im out of the phase lol

    well, you have to put 2 pokemons (of the same species) in a Daycare.. make sure that ones a girl and ones a boy.. and then about 2 hours later there should be an egg there.. u just need to go pick it up whenver you want to

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    Ok so, u can either breed an egg or find one by talking to people in the game i know of 1 person so far. But if u breed an egg u will need to go to the daycare and let the old lady watch 2 of ur pokemon. In order for them to breed, they need to be of the same egg group, and the opposite sex. And after u walk around a while u talk to the old man next to the daycare. And to hatch the egg, u need to put it in ur usable pokemon group. And it will hatch within about 1500 steps. BUT, to speed up the proccess, u can have a fire pokemon next to the egg in the usable pokemone group. It will hatch so much faster.

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    Pokemon emerald how do i make eggs?

    can u give me all the details all the way till it hatches

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    first you need an female 1 you want to make eggs off her then get an male then go to the daycare and talk to the daycare lady and put those 2 in. Go out and go on your bike and run around for a few mins and talk to the man to get the egg and if you don't still have it run around on bike for a bit longer

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    get a male and a female pokemon, push them together until they the male pierces, the female will be pregnant and soon an egg will appear

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    Richard Lee and Cole Williams asked the same question. You should see their answers side by side.

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    Was searching for an answer on this too

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