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通知客戶 貿易英文 急件

1.先提醒你關於材積數, 目前未打棧板的cbm就有近24個cbm. 所以我們建議以一個小櫃出貨. 或是有意思再增加一些產品到27-28個cbm左右. 若有想在追加數量請再通知我們. 我再修正訂單給你. 謝謝

2. 關於no.100機器, 我們有幾點提醒

1. 他是算手動的機器.




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    Dear XXX,

    Please kindly note the latest shipment's measurement is about

    24CBM without any pallet. Therefore 20' container (你的小櫃應指20呎櫃吧) will be the better way for loading this time. Or you can increase your order quantity to meet 40' container's capacity (about 27-28CBM). What's your idea? Please advise then we can arrange shipment depends on your decision.

    By the way, about the machine no. 100, w'd like to remind you as below:

    1. No auto-design, you shall use it by your hand

    2. The max. cutting size is up to 50mm.

    Shall you have any question, please don't hesitate to let us know, thank you.

    Best regards,


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    1. No auto-design. Please use it manually.

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    better way 可改better就好

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    1. reminds you first about the timber volume number, at present has not hit the stack board cbm to have nearly 24 cbm. Therefore we suggested that produces goods by a locker. Perhaps interesting increases some products again to 27-28 cbm about. If has wants please again to inform us in the supplement quantity. I revise the order form to give you again. Thanks 2. About the no.100 machine, we have several to remind 1. He calculates the manual machine. 2. biggest dinking die size to 50MM.


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