What is a John/Jane Doe Letter?

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    You mean a Dear John/Dear Jane letter? If so, it started during WWII. A soldier's girlfriend would write to him while he was serving saying she was breaking up with him. A Dear Jane is more modern since it is only recently that they are letting women be soldiers.

    However it is also used simply as a term referring to any letter to anyone at anytime telling someone that a relationship is over.

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    No idea. John and Jane Doe are placeholders for persons unknown in the legal system.

    Dear John and Dear Jane letters announce the end of a relationship, generally when the parties are far apart, and are initiated by the person who left. Example

    Dear John I think the world of you

    But I'm in love with someone new

    I can marry one

    But I can't marry two

    So I'm leaving you dear John.

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    Do you mean a "dear John" letter? that means a letter telling you your bf/gf does not want to be with you any more.

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    It's a break-up letter; what you send your boyfriend or girlfriend when you don't have the courage to tell them face to face that it's over; Started in WWII, I think; usually from girls breaking up with their men while they were away fighting for peace.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is a letter or something of that nature used to break up with someone in a realationship

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    names John/Jane Doe are unidentified people. My "Guess" would be a letter that should not be known about. :)

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    it's basically an anonymous letter

  • 1 decade ago

    means no one signed it, no authur

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