n mo.can a trooper run radar at night with lights off on shoulder of road, legaly, 307.120 says no,disms tkt?

very dark, no lights at all, right beside driving lane on shoulder, blacktop area, trooper law code 43.130 says all cars have to be distintivly lighted. 307.120 says any person, doing this is gulty of a misdemenor, is it worth getting someone killed to catch a speeder, is this grounds for my speeding ticket to be thrown out? has anyone been in this situation and beat the ticket? my girl friend was with me also


i guess police don't have to follow the same laws we do, as 307.120 states any person, joint ***., co op, co partnership can do it, 307.040-no person shall drive, move, park, or be in custody of car at dark without lights on,307.110, car must be able to be seen 500 ft. away, if they do have "permission" from the higher up it must be stated- 307.030,i see no updates, the primary purpose of hi-way patrol is to enforce traffic laws and promote safety, is sitting on the shoulder safe late at night with no lights? this is what alot of our problems are in this world, everyone trys to cheat allitle or push it to far, if we went by the laws, strickly, he would be wrong and so would i, you can say what you want ,that is a fact, now if he was investigating or on a mission than he would be legal, but radar is not a undercover operation given to him by a higher up, i just hope he knows deep down he is wrong, its dangerous & when he causes a wreck and a child gets hrt, he has to live w it,

Update 2:

the law says distintivly lighted AT NIGHT, so why would it say at night if lights could be off, also the thing with me on this is if he, the trooper, would have dropped my speed 3 mph i could have mailed it in but he didn't, so if he is going by the book this close than he needs to obey the laws, and have his lights on. 17 year man, would you please look over the laws and give me a honest answer. i know there are time when the police have to bend the rules but sitting on the shoulder just to catch someone speeding is not a rule bending task. why do they put the dozer groves on the shoulder? my guess is if you run off road they make enough noise to wake you if you fell asleep, so if i run off right where he is sitting, what a surprise it would be, and whos fault would it be? one law stated that if you could see car one way and not other that was fine, this was down in a valley on a very dark night. mr bwha you want to have breakfest i would like to buy you a round or 2

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    There is nothing illegal about what he did.

    "Distinctively lighted" refers to the red and blue emergency lights. It means identifiable as a police car, it does not mean the lights have to be on all the time.

    Source(s): 17 years law enforcement
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    He can LEGALLY do it ...pay the ticket...

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