What does the Confederate flag symbolize?

For me, as a black American, it means racism, pro- slavery and white supremacy and oppression. I wonder if it means something different to the people who display it on their cars. I'd like to believe that they aren't all racist. (I recently moved to Pennsylvania and I've seen more Confederate flags than I've ever seen before.)


I really do appreciate the history behind it but as we know symbols change over time. What does the flag mean today to the people who wave it and display it on their cars? Are they not racist?

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    what the flag really means:

    1. That white southern/rural culture is the true culture of the USA all other cultures are inferior to it.

    2. Minorities should be respectful to whites because they are superior and that whites should not mix with other races

    3. If society is at odds with white southern/rural culture it is ok to commit treason/violence in defense of that culture. The culture is above the law.

    There are lot of good people who are white southern and or live in a rural communities. But I think its funny though that as patriotic as they think they are (america love it or leave it) if society or the country doesn't agree with them they are quick to act hatefully against it (obama assassination talk) So I'm sure I'll get a lot of thumbs down for this post but all those pro flag people really look into our soul and ask yourself has anything I said untrue

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    I see it as Jews see the swastika, its a symbol of hate. Sure Hitler stood for lots of good things. Before Hitler came to power Germany had no balls and was the laughing stock of Europe. They were the poorest white country and got no respect. To many Germans this was the best time in Germany, trains ran on time, everyone had jobs and so on. But to jews and many other it represents a sad and ark time in history and overbearing message of a symbol of hate and discrimination to jews. Thats how I view th confederate flag.

    Further half the people waving the flag are people who are part of white supremist grouops anyways

    Look there was a divide but the divide was that the north had finished with slavery and was taking low wage immigrants to work factories and blacks. The south hated non-northern european immigrants or non whites like irish and italians so they said screw that. If people from the south hate america so much that they prefer some segregation racist flag oover the real flag why don't they go back to europe where they can go back to white countries!

    States already have self determeination every state is viewed as its own nation and can make anylaw it wants. You pro confederate are the ones who tell blacks to get over slavery so you get over the flag

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    The Confederate battle flag (as I assume you're talking about) is a symbol of resistance to tyranny, and the right of self government. When the South seceded from the union (that it voluntarily entered), it did so in accordance with the same guarantees of self-government that the original thirteen colonies.

    The War for Southern Independence had nothing to do with slavery. Lincoln himself stated that he was only interested in forcing the Southern States back into the union. He offered to let them return to the Union with slaves. If the South was concerned with retaining slavery, the best course of action would have been to return to the union.

    What the South was concerned with, however, was the right to self government. There were many economic issues that had been plaguing the union for some time. Most prominent was the tariff, which unfairly and adversely effected the South, while benefiting the North. This led to much controversy over the years.

    The tensions between the two sections had been going on for many years, and ultimately was the product of a clash of two cultures.

    It would have been better, from the beginning, to follow the advice of Patrick Henry. The North and South should have been two countries, and not one, because the cultures were so different.

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    I couldn't agree more with Honestly, now above me. Fresh Jeff, too, although the Swastika thing is a little more complicated than he explained in his answer, as it it -- and has always been, long before Hitler's time -- a geometrical motif and Religious symbol in India and southeast Asia. However, as he says, symbols change over time and come to mean very different things. The Confederate flag and the Swastika are perfect examples of this change.

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    If the Mexican flag is flown in the USA by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, what is wrong with the American Flag used by the southern states? One is American where the other is RACIST and accepted. Best article I have read about it is this link:


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    u know i'm sitting right here reading a number of those solutions and thinking to my self that u can constantly inform who went to varsity and who did now not. sorry i know this is harsh inspite of the shown fact that this is authentic. they're those that are asserting that the south left by way of fact of slavery. and that what the south became battling for while that's what extreme college interior the north taught them. what they do now not understand is that maximum accomplice squaddies could now not even very own slaves. so why might they try for that in the event that they could now not even very own them in the event that they might have gained? yet another element they did now not tutor in extreme college up north is that the south used unfastened black instruments from the beginning up of the conflict a number of those instruments lined The "Richmond Howitzers" and between others yet in contrast to the north the south blended them in with the white troops even Frederick Douglas pronounced, "There are at present 2nd many coloured adult men interior the accomplice military doing accountability now not basically as chefs, servants and worker's, yet authentic squaddies, having musket on their shoulders, and bullets of their wallet, waiting to shoot down any unswerving troops and do all that squaddies might do to wreck the federal authorities and strengthen that of the rebels." yet another element that persons might desire to ask them selfs that would desire to the interior reach individuals or perhaps Irish history see the yankee flag as a racist image in there very own right look how the north taken care of them. look on the draft in the course of the civil conflict and until eventually now look slavery became incorrect and so are the KKK and the all the different hate communities that use that flag yet do now not say in maximum situations that flag represents hate in all southern human beings we fly that flag by way of fact we might choose to honor the courageous adult men that fought for that flag a rustic that theory they have been right by skill of leaving a corrupt authorities that became implementing extra taxes on the south than the north

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    This flag is the pride of white southerners.

    They don't feel they have anything to be ashamed of by displaying it.

    you shoudn't worry so much about the people who display these flags, as you should the people you go to work with or go to school with.

    Blacks (most anyway) act differently in the rural parts of the south. As to where the blacks up north in the inner cities are known to commit a big percentage of robberies, rapes and murders anhd are very hated.

    Source(s): Just the way it is.
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    The above poster is factually correct in every way. However, in popular usage the confederate flag does represent racism. Anyone who displays one on their car IS a racist, or at least so grossly racially insensitive as to be indistinguishable from a racist.

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    Southern pride is what I see it as. It's the rebel flag. I know some black people who even have it up.

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