Eagles with the 21 and 28 pick?

who should they draft should they trade up or what

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    I'm glad somebody asked this I'm a big eagles fan and have been studying the draft alot. The eagles shouldn't trade up because they do have multiple needs and the more they address, the better they will be. In my opinion these are their main needs:

    Two offensive lineman

    A power running back

    A large receieving target or tight end

    some people will say they need a safety too, but quinten demps has proven to be a very promising safety, even though he had a bad game in the NFC championship, you can't write off a player who had a great season soley on one performance, and the coaches will feel the same way. players are given second chances after an entire poor season, one game is nothing. I still think he will be brian dawkin's successor. For that reason and the fact that their is no safety prospect worthy of a first round pick, it will not be a safety chosen for the eagles.

    defensive end is a need which some eagles fans want addressed. you wont find a single person who doesn't think trent cole is at least a solid starter, if not an elite one. I beleive they will not go defensive end for a few reasons.

    1. Last year they spent a 3rd round pick on bryan smith, a developmental project who is looking very promising. As well as Victor Ibiamiri, who they picked 2 years ago in the second round and still has alot of potential, as he improved last year from his rookie season.

    2. Darren Howard, 10 sacks leading the team as the "weaker" starter at DE? and people want to replace him? for lack of a better term, WTF?

    3. Jaqua Parker and Chris Clemons combined for 9 sacks, as back-ups.

    4. The eagles use their defensive lineman in a rotation, they will not invest a high draft pick on an end when they have so much depth and are not planning on eventually having that player start full time.

    Now with the 21st pick, They would love to have an elite tackle fall to them, but none of the top four (jason smith, michael oher, andre smith, eugene monroe) will likely drop that far. So that leaves a few potential picks who their is a good chance they will be availible.

    1. Chris "Beanie" Wells (a power back)

    2. Eric Britton (an offensive tackle)

    3. Brandon Pettigrew (tight end)

    I am almost possitive one of these players will be availible with the 21st overall pick. Beanie Wells would be the first choice, because he fills a need and is a top 10 talent who will drop due to lack of demand for runningbacks. He is way to good to pass up and is a perfect compliment for Westbrook. And, with a mediocre 4.54 yard dash at the combine today, he must just slip. Even though Eric Britton is not as talented as Brandon Pettigrew, i beleive the eagles would choose him first. Brent Celek has shown a tonne of potential as a TE and the eagles have plenty of offensive weapons that mcnabb can throw to already. Britton is a big offensive tackle who's stock is rising, and with the high demand for tackles i can gaurentee he wont be their by the 28th pick.

    Next to the first 3 players i listed, I beleive these would be some additional players who would be considered if the prior were off the board.

    1. Duke Robinson (offensive guard)

    2. Alex Mack (center)

    3. Kenny Britt (a big receiver)

    Duke Robinson is a very very likely pick if he falls to 28th overall, he is by far the best guard in this class and has pro-bowl potential. At 6'5" 328 he deffinetly is the kind of guard andy read wants as well. Alex Mack showed at the senior bowl exactly what type of talent he is, whenever someone talks about a center going in the first round he has the ability to dominate. Kenny Britt is that big (6'4") target mcnabb has been wishing for, and if the previous 5 picks i listed are not availible he would be a good choice.

    The eagles had a great season last year, 3rd ranked defense and 8th ranked offense. I would really say that had the 6th best offense because they were 6th in scoring, and if your offense leads the league is yards it means nothing if they didnt put up the points. Since they performed at such a high level, they can draft based on a good balance of talent and need. So if a big name player happened to slide down to the 21st pick don't be suprised if Andy Reid pulls the trigger, regardless of the position. My dream senario would be Wells and Britton, but that is unlikely to happen. A more realistic expectation would be the combination of Beanie Wells and Duke Robinson, and if the two were availible with the eagles two selections, i can't see the eagles passing them up.

    If i don't get best answer for all that i am going tp be pissed off haha

    Source(s): i study the game
  • They need another RB to help back up Brian Westbrook. The best fit for the 21st. pick would be Chris Wells out of Ohio State. He's big, fast, and great tackle breaker. So there's the 21st. pick.

    We also need a O-Lineman. Most of our O-line is old and we need some back-up. I say we take a guy like Cornelius Robinson. He's big and can help protect Donovan as well.

    Those are my two hopeful picks. Lets just hope we don't trade out of the first round again just like the last two years!

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    they will draft C, Alex Mack of California The Eagles wanted TE Brandon Pettigrew, but he will likely be gone. Center, guard, plug him (Mack) into the interior of your line and you will have a pro bowler then TE Jared Cook of South Carolina needs to work on his blocking, but was the fastest tight end at the combine running a 4.50.

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    they should draft michel oher with the first one then trade down the second one and get sean green and jared cook

    they get there power back there tackle and there TE

    they might even trade lito sheperd for a late first round pick and could get eben birttin

    they could have a monster draft

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    Get a RB and OL/WR..BUt if you can get TJ at WR..get the OL for pass protection..

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