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what are the rules of making a guild in mabinogi?

I want to make a guild on my mabinogi account, I already have the extra storage and the permits but I would like to know anything else like rules.

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    Making a Guild

    * The leader must have the Extra Storage Service in order to create a guild. This is now required in North American Version as well, as of patch 26/3/08.

    * Purchase a Guild Deed from Eavan in Dunbarton for 1000 gold.

    * Construct a party with exactly 5 members, with the designated guild leader as party leader.

    o Note: The other party members must not be members of any other guilds or applying for other guilds.

    * Find a spot in an open field (not a town, city, or dungeon) in which to place the Guild Stone.

    * The leader can then "Use" the Guild Deed and select an appropriate name.

    o Names are limited to twelve letters long, with no spaces.

    * When a name has been chosen, the other 4 party members will have a dialog pop up that asks them to approve of the guild name.

    * Once the name has been approved, then the leader must choose the guild type.

    o The available choices are: Battle, Adventure, Manufacturing, Merchant, Social, or Other. This choice has no effect whatsoever on the guild itself, and is only for informative purposes.

    * Finally, after selecting whether the guild will be accepting new members, the leader will be able to place the Guild Stone. Upon creation of a guild, the Guild Deed is turned into a Guild Stone to be placed.

    * If all the above requirements are met and the guild creation is successful, then a scrolling message will appear on the top of all players' screens: "[Name] Guild has been created. The Guild Master is: [Creator]"

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    Small request from the Ruairi Server. DO NOT MAKE A GUILD!!!

    Allready there are enough guild with low amount of people if this continues I swear that there will be many server crashes. Every update they have to reload the stones to the same place and set the guilds to how they are suppose to be before the update. More guilds means more wait time....More to the point. Do not Create a guild if your a noob or if you will not constantly have a service enabled. If you cannot figure out how to make one from the in game instructions that you don't deserve to make a guild.

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