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I get sore legs from running alot?

i love to run alot like miles and miles and im in track

but my body always gets so sore, is htere anything i can do to cure it

i stretch alot too


ive been running for 2 years but in the middle of track season i started getting sore

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    1. try stretching a little more (i know you said you do)

    2. don't run 7 days a week....skip every other day and walk instead of doing nothing

    3. it could also mean you are getting a good work out

    4. it could mean your working to hard

    just be careful because if you run when you are really sore you might pull something and make it really bad

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    I run Winter And Spring track And Cross Country, Plus races outside of school. I love distance and your going to feel sore but your pushing your legs for a long time while running for maybe 40 minutes each day. If you feel weird problems like with your knees or ankles or muscles tone it down a little bit, I have bad knees but choose to run threw it cause there is no time to stop.

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    If your legs are getting sore and especially your shins, it could either be your shoes or the fact the you are just building muscle you haven't had before. I only have shoes for around a couple months until I get news one, because even though they look alright they aren't giving you the support you need. So be aware of your shoes.

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    after you are done running, do some calf stretches for about 15 minutes. if you cant do that for 15 min after gym, do it for as long as possible after class, then when you get home. you still might be sore, but it wont be as bad. and it will get better as you keep running and your legs get used to the work :)

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    I had a similar problem though it may work differently towards other people. Before I would run I would apply a dollop of blue gel (ice gel good for pain)...let it dry and in no time I can run painless.

    Plus a bonus-sneakers...invest on buying the most priciest ones on the is worth it!

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    If you have just started then it is normal.

    They more you do it the less sore you will be.

    My soccer coach always says that doing the

    same thing that made you sore in the first place

    is the best remedy.

    You could also be overstretching.

    Good Luck!

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    It could also indicate you aren't drinking enough water. A lot of times the calf muscles tighten and become sore if this is the case. Make sure you are making up for the water you lose in sweat!

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    Thats weird that you are so sore if you run a lot. Your body should have adjusted by now. I would suggest the simplest things: get some rest. But i would also talk to my coach and see what they suggest.

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    It sounds like you need to hydrate (water & gatorade), and get a new running shoe from a running store not foot locker. Also, take and epson salt bath, it helps with muscle soreness.

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    Sometimes growing can cause stretching in the muscles and your body isn't used to it. Wait it out for a while and if it still hurts bring it up with your doctor.

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