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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentOther - Politics & Government · 1 decade ago

What do you think of my five point welfare reform plan?

I have a plan to get people off of welfare and back to work outlined here, tell me what you think.

1) Make everyone receiving welfare take a depo pevera(birth control) shot. You get off of the system, the shot wears off, and you have no kids while on welfare. Having kids isn't a right, it is a responsibility if you can't afford it don't take it on. Get off of welfare the shot wears off.

2) Take away their right to vote, if you can't make good enough decisions to keep yourself off of welfare and not have kids you can't afford then surely you cannot make a decision on government, also you will not vote in people that just promise more social programs. Get off of welfare get your right to vote back.

3) Make them preform community service for 15-20 hours/week with a big orange vest that says "WELFARE" on it. The normal motivations for a good life don't work, maybe a little shame will. Pick up trash on the side of the road and let everyone know you are a resource sucking parasite. I also want something back for my money. I work for mine and you don't work for mine. (taxes). If you get money from the government, you should work for them.

4) Drug test, include alcohol and tobacco, I am not paying for your 40oz or pack of cigarettes. Come up positive your check dries up.

5) Instead of allowing them to buy whatever food they want with my tax money give them a palette of food that they have to prepare. Staples only, bread, flour etc things they have actually got to prepare, these people are lazy by nature so if they have to work to prepare food maybe they will get a job so they can eat what they want.

These people are just parasites that breed more parasites, we need to break the cycle by making it is uncomfortable as possible for them to live, instead of coddling them and keeping them in a comfort zone. To get them on their feet we need to get them off of their a$$.

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    your answers have bristled Doug and on the surface may upset others in the way it was delivered but a lot of what you have said has merit(and i am not a 'neocon' or whatever is being used as an insult by the 'other side').

    1) limit benefits/community service thing not a bad idea. doug, there are those who truly need assistance through no faualt of their own but FF was speaking of brood sows and slip-and fall disability cheats, and you must admit, they do exist and it is quiote a few.

    2)check this out from wikipedia----

    "No affirmative right to vote

    While the title of the Voting Rights Act might imply that it established an explicit right to vote for President for U.S. citizens, there is no such federal right. However, the Voting Rights Act and three constitutional amendments that prevent discrimination in granting the franchise have established in United States Supreme Court jurisprudence that there is a "fundamental right" in the franchise, even though voting remains a state-granted privilege. However, states are given considerable leeway when it comes to this "fundamental right".

    In Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), the Supreme Court noted that, "The individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote for electors for the President of the United States," a logical conclusion given the history of the Electoral College. States do not have to extend suffrage to ex-felons, nor do they have to allow citizens to register and vote on Election Day.[19] In 2008, the Supreme Court upheld voter ID laws, claiming that the states had an interest in deterring voter fraud.[20]. While the Supreme Court has stated that the right to vote and the right to be a candidate are connected, they have often upheld state laws that make it difficult for independent and minor party candidates to be included on the election ballot.[21]

    Washington, D.C., not being a state, has been granted only limited voting rights by Congress, which controls the District "in all cases whatsoever", according to the District Clause of the Constitution.

    3) BO mentioned implementing mandatory community service for our young people of certain school ages, so what is your beef?

    4)when i worked in my high school/early college years, i was a checker/ bookkeeper at a grocery store and i saw daily when customers who recived food stamps come in and by the least expensive thing you could buy with the $1 food stamp to recieve coin change. they would buy several items using several differnt $1's to get enough change to buy beer/cigs with the cash. the 'regulars' stopped coming to my stand, they did not like it when i tried to 'helpful' and suggest they consolidate the purchase and use a larger food stamp. also the 'regulars' would try time and again to pass expired or unauthorized(unstamped) wic vouchers.

    5)again, some are on assistance through no fault of their own, but there are those who do abuse the system and use their kids as a paycheck.

    i have an ex-brother in law who on purposely jumped off his roof and tried to break his leg because he thought if on disability he wouldn't have to pay my sister child support but still get paid. did not work.

    a few years later, working for one of the big 3 he'jfell' down a flight of stairs at work hoping to get BIG workers' comp from his then very wealthy employer. it worked until he bragged to the wrong friend and was found out. fine(repayment) and some jail time for fraud.

    lazy(and a little crazy) for sure.

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  • Sarah*
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    1. I agree with that one. If you can't afford a baby, don't have one.

    2. I don't agree. Everyone should have a right to vote. Most poor people don't vote anyway.

    3. I agree with the community service but NOT the orange vest that says welfare. Everyone should at least do a little bit of community service.

    4. I agree.

    5. I don't agree. They should be able to eat what they want.

    Not all people on welfare are parasites. Some of them just have really crappy jobs. And just because you were born into welfare that doesn;t mean you are going to be a parasite. Help the kids, but only help the parents if they are deserving.

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  • Doug B
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Firstof all, go read the 13th Amendment. It specifically address some of the points you made by outlawing slavery. But, in order:

    1. You would force people to take a drug. What about those who have a medical condition that make Depro dangerous? what happens when a person who believes that birth control is a sin hits hard times? Sorry, the courts would through this right out.

    2. The right to vote is part of being a citizen, and can only be taken away by a court following a felony conviction. Fail again.

    3. Again, you are treating people going through tough times as criminals. And how exactly are they supposed to learn a new trade or look for work if you are making them social pariahs?

    4. Alcohol and tobacco are legal.

    5. I'm amused at your "lazy by nature" comment. I was on public assistance due to cancer. A friend lost his job because the owner embezzled millions and fled. Neither of us is lazy by nature, we just hit a rough patch. BTW, there are rules for what you can and can't buy with Food Stamps and WIC.

    Sorry, but you attempt to "reform" welfare looks like just another neo-con attempt to criminalize and marginalize the poor. You'd treat poor people like criminals and deny them basic rights.

    Get out of my country, okay?

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